The Common Good

Watch 'The Line': The Most Important Film You'll See This Year

Date: September 25, 2012

Millions tuned in to watch the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Both were merely parties for a political party funded by wealthy interests seeking to appeal to middle class voters in an election year.

Today, I want to introduce you to a film that just might be the most important thing you watch this week -- or this year, for that matter.

Significant things, no doubt, have and will be said about our country during the political conventions. Competing visions for our future at both events will be presented. And there will be a lot of grandstanding, empty promises, half-truths and deceptions (as their always seem to be in politics).

The media already is obsessing about how many times the word "God" is used in each party's platform as a measure of faith or religiosity, as if crying "Lord, Lord" and vain repetition has replaced obedience to God's command to love our neighbors. And yet, it's the actions of each party during the last four years that gives us true insight into who and what is important to them much more than what gets written down on a party platform or said in speeches during these three-day self-congratulatory celebrations.

Yes, a strong middle class is important for a nation. But I also believe many more people need to be lifted up into economic security.

Matthew 25 doesn't say, "As you have done to the middle class you have done to me."