The Common Good

WWJD On YouTube? It Depends Who You Ask

Source: NPR
Date: February 7, 2012

Journalist Cathleen Falsani says she saw that when she visited a Sunday school class recently. The teenagers were rowdy, talking over each other and the teacher. Then the teacher played Bethke's video.

"And you could have heard a pin drop in the room," she says. "They were absolutely rapt, they were focused. And then when it was done they had really good questions to ask, they had excellent feedback. It engaged them in a way that I did not think they could be that early in the morning."

Falsani, who heads new media for Sojourners, a progressive Christian organization, says video Christianity isn't a bad thing. It's a spiritual thing.

"I think the medium is the way, in my world — I'm an Evangelical Christian — that I think the Holy Spirit is using to speak to children's hearts."

And to adults. Falsani says she's seeing more videos about religion from all kinds of people trying to sell their version of Christianity to others inside and outside of the church. For example, some liberal Christians recently produced "Tea Party Jesus."