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Young Progressives speaker: Why Christians should support immigration reform

Source: The Clause
Date: February 27, 2013

The Young Progressives Club presented Sojourners magazine’s Director of Mobilizing Lisa Sharon Harper last Thursday to talk about the highly controversial topic of immigration reform.

Harper discussed various scripture passages that describe how humans have a divine command to migrate. Humans exercise dominion under God’s image, she said.

Harper said that God’s judgment falls on those who create the kind of system that forces people to “twist themselves in order to survive”—a system that oppresses people made in the image of God.

She cited the example of Abram and Sarai when they immigrated into Egypt. Egypt’s immigration system back then, Harper said, was to kill the husbands of beautiful women. When Abram lied and said he was Sarai’s brother, the consequences of Abram’s deceit ultimately fell on the Pharaoh, not on Abram.