The Common Good
April 2010 Sojourners Magazine

April 2010 Sojourners Magazine


Leveling the Playing Field
Financial reform advocate Elizabeth Warren works to give us a fighting chance in a system stacked against regular people.
An interview by Jim Wallis and Jeannie Choi
When Disaster Strikes, What Makes You Vulnerable?
How social factors multiply the effects of natural calamities.
illustrated by Gavin Potenza
Everyday Courage in Afghanistan
While we often hear only about violence, many Afghans make daily sacrifices to make life better for their families and country.
by Heather Wilson
Beyond the 'War on Terror'
Why we need to untangle development aid to Afghanistan from the military venture.
by Theo Sitther
Is the Afghanistan War 'Just'?
President Obama gives short shrift to nonviolent alternatives.
by Drew Christiansen, SJ
Culture Watch
Just Friends? Facebook and the redefinition of privacy
Review: Sufjan Stevens' The BQE; Just War as Christian Discipleship.
Interview: Filmmaker Cathy Henkel.
Eyes and Ears - The Voiceless Majority
by Danny Duncan
On Film - Looking for Revelation
by Gareth Higgins
| Taxes and the poor | Food insecurity | Columbian churches |
Hearts & Minds - To Cut the Deficit, Cut Military Spending
by Jim Wallis
Deep Economy - Copenhagen's 'Hail Mary'
by Bill McKibben
Godstuff - Human Failing and Easter Grace
by Kathleen Falsani
Earth & Heaven - Of Builders and Bombers
by Joel Hunter
H'rumphs - Supreme Court Earns Free Air Miles
by Ed Spivey Jr.
| Open the Discussion | Take a Risk | Building Bridges | Dating Ourselves |
Between the Lines
| Mutual Responsibility | Calling for Debt Relief | Predator Drones on Our Borders | 'Reverend Billy' Demands Freedom for the Captives | Child Crown of Thorns |
Poetry - Songs of the Thieves Who Hung On Either Side
by Maryhelen Snyder
Short Takes - Five Questions For Rev. Ken Fong
Living the Word - The Power of Suffering Love
by Walter Bruggemann

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