The Common Good
April 2011 Sojourners Magazine

April 2011 Sojourners Magazine



How to Talk to Climate Change Skeptics
Ten global warming myths, and what the science really says.
By John Cook

Addressing the Naysayers
By Katharine Hayhoe

For God So Loved the Dirt...
Is the earth a megastore or a garden?
By Norma Wirzba

Climate Change: Just the Facts
By Bill McKibben


Sister Act
Benedictine women in Wisconsin are practicing new (and ancient) ways to save the earth.
By Betsy Shirley

Living Waters
In Israel/Palestine, can God's unownable gift be controlled?
By Doug Thorpe

Taxes and the Common Good
Creating a more equitable approach to tax reform.
By Chuck Collins

Taking the Bible Seriously
Does scripture shape our agenda - or the other way around?
By Charles E. Gutenson


When All Seems Lost: Filmmaker David Barnhart
Reviews: A Time to Plant; Latina/o Social Ethics; Punching Out

Eyes & Ears - The Best of Tools, and the Worst
By Danny Duncan Collum

On Film - Media Revelations
By Gareth Higgins


Beyond Egypt
by Charles Kimball

WikiLeaks - Enemy of the State of Denial
by Ray McGovern

Redistricting - The Shape of Things to Come
by Michael McDonald


Hearts & Minds - How Egypt Changed the Conversation
By Jim Wallis

Bridges - Democracy in the Balance
By Eboo Patel

The Hungry Spirit - Baptizing for Life
By Rose Marie Berger

H'rumphs - Interview with the Prince of Darkness
By Ed Spivey Jr.


| Rooted in Racism | Advocate Locally | Locking Up the Sick | Service Learning? | A Fruitful Seed |

Poetry - Beneath Me
By Sneha Abraham

Living the Word - Going Public with God's Good News
By Walter Bruggemann

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