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August 2010 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)

August 2010 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)


NOW AVAILABLE - Sojourners Magazine as a downloadable PDF!

The Passion of the Gulf
The BP spill invites us to take a hard look at ourselves - and to ask: How do we precent this from happening again?
by Jim Wallis, Gretel Ehrlich, Ched Meyers, Elaine Enns, Calvin DeWitt, Majora Carter, Nancy Knowlton, James Lee Burke, Jennifer Hope Kottler and Bill Wylie-Kellerman

Selling Our Children
Atlanta does battle against the sex trafficking of kids.

Taming the Beast
Want to reduce the federal deficit? Why big cuts in military spending are essential.
by Marcellus Andrews

A 'Hidden History' in the Holy Land
Zochrot teaches fellow Israelis about the Palestinian communities that preceded them - and still long to return home.
by Ben White

'Rolling for Jesus'
A New York cabbie offers pizza, and more, to the city's homeless.
by Marcella Veneziale

The Beauty of Roots: On being in a particular place
Reviews: Tattoos on the Heart
Interview: Bettie Mae Fikes

Eyes & Ears: Corporate Country's Sell-Out
By Danny Ducan Collum

On Film: Paths to Freedom
By Gareth Higgins

Hearts & Minds: Is Christian Ministry Illegal in Arizona?
by Jim Wallis

Godstuff: The Dragonfly Abides
by Cathleen Falsani

Bridges: The Stranger as Neighbor
by Eboo Patel

H'rumphs: Who You Calling 'Alien'?!
by Ed Spivey Jr.

Listening to the Gulf: Two Ears, Two Eyes, One Voice
by Jennifer Hope Kottler

The Sin of Apathy: The Evil of Indifference
by Andrew Wilkes

Flags in Church: No Other Gods
by Celeste Kennel-Shank

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Poetry: Angels of America
by Priscilla Atkins

Living the Word: The 'Low Holy Days' of Summer
by Walter Bruggemann

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