The Common Good
August 2013 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)

August 2013 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)



‘Courage! Your Faith Has Made You Well’
Is faith healing a sign that the Spirit is moving—or a response to a broken health-care system?
By Alicia de los Reyes

The Power of Partnership
Memphis’ Congregational Health Network offers a model of how hospitals and faith communities can work together.
By Bob Smietana



Mourning for the Earth
How grief impedes our action on climate change.
By Katharine M. Preston

The Song Remains
The defiant peacemaking of Kathy Kelly.
By Ramzi Kysia

Radical Welcome
Global Christianity comes to the local church.
By Wesley Granberg-Michaelson

Jesus and the Top Secret Empire
The “littlest ones” are key to the upside-down kingdom.
By Reta Halteman Finger



Beyond ‘Ruin Porn’
Reviews: The Evangelicals You Don’t Know; Beyond the Possible; Conversations in Transition

Eyes & Ears
By Danny Duncan Collum

On Film
By Gareth Higgins



Mr. Obama, Close Down This Jail!
Guantanamo reminds us of the fragility of constitutional democracy.
By David P. Gushee

Life, Dignity, and the Tragedy in Bangladesh
What Catholic social teaching says about those make our clothes.
By Mary Priniski, OP

Untying the Hands of Justice
Mandatory minimum sentences are both irrational and unjust
By Molly M. Gill



Hearts & Minds: My Unexpected Diagnosis
By Jim Wallis

Bridges: Hot Dogs for Peace
By Eboo Patel

Global Engagement: Stories Worth Telling
By Lynne Hybels

The Hungry Spirit: ‘Why Are White People So Mean?’
By Rose Marie Berger

H'rumphs: Love One Another (some restrictions apply)
By Ed Spivey Jr.



Letters: | Pornified Culture | Prevention and Action | A Godly Legacy | Mental Help | Covenant Value| A Hard Sell |

Poetry: Struggle of Faith
By Leigh Donaldson

Living the Word: The View from the Bleachers
By Martin L. Smith