The Common Good
Christians and the Apocalypse (PDF)

Christians and the Apocalypse (PDF)


Perfect for small groups or individual study! Designed to spark discussion and thought about how to live out God's call for justice in our world. Each session includes Sojourners' articles, questions for discussion, and ideas for further study.

  • 4 sessions, 10 articles, 41 pages.

About this guide: Books in the Left Behind series, "apocalyptic" fiction written by Religious Right leader Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, have sold more than 30 million copies and have been syndicated into movies and video games. The purpose of the series isn't to unpack the role of apocalyptic, or end-times, literature in scripture. Rather, Left Behind serves as a vehicle to carry LaHaye's ideological views to an audience that reaches far beyond his evangelical culture, fostering both a stance of disengagement and a politics of fear. Why is it important for Christians to understand the political and social context of end-times theology, both in the Bible and in popular culture? How does bad theology lead to bad pop culture and bad foreign policy?

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