The Common Good
December 2008 Sojourners

December 2008 Sojourners


Cover Story

Faith, Hope, and the Credit Crisis
The good news: God's sustaining power is not tied to the Dow. by Adam Hamilton

Holy Insecurity
Honest preaching in difficult days. by Diana Butler Bass

Re-Rooting Ourselves in God
Being vessels of that perfect love that casts out fear. by Julie Polter


Restoring America's Standing in the World
by the editors

Continent of Hope
Why Africa is a land of endless possibilitiy -- and how that should guide U.S. relations with the continent. by John Prendergast

Don't Lose Hope
Five things we must do now for Darfur and Congo. by John Prendergast

Discovering Palestine
Forming relations with people of faith in the Holy Land could help transform the U.S. role in the region. by Wesley Granberg-Michaelson

'We Reject Christian Zionism...'
A plea from Christians in the Middle East. Excerpt from the "Jerusalem Declaration on Christian Zionism"

La Anunciación
Short fiction on new life in a new country. by Demetria Martínez

Speaking of Change
How a Howard Thurman lecture series has transformed a university -- and much more. by Ronald Williamson


Hearts & Minds: A Pastoral Strategy for Hard Times
What is the responsibility of Christians? by Jim Wallis

The Hungry Spirit: Elections and Christ the King
by Rose Marie Berger

Eyes & Ears: Looking for Truth, Beauty, and Love
by Danny Duncan Collum

H'rumphs: It's All His Fault
by Ed Spivey Jr.

Culture Watch

Mountain Music
Saving a Kentucky community and its culture, one kid at a time. by Danny Duncan Collum

Keeping the Peace
By Tobias Winright
Book Review: Peace: A History of Movements and Ideas by David Cortright.

Hip-Hop Holy Land
By Andrew Wilkes
Book Review: Disciples of the Street: The Promise of a Hip-Hop Chu by Eric Gutierrez.

New and Noteworthy
by Molly Marsh


| Who is Worthy?| Unequal Burdens| Equal-Access Programs|

Between the Lines
| New Orleans, Three Years After| British Churches Push for a Fair Economy| A Delicious Peace| Sun Worship| Keeping Up With the Kurds| How Would Jesus Rock?|

Poetry: Imperfection
by Rachel Guido deVries

Living the Word: Christmas Presence
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary for December. by Michaela Bruzzese

Inside Story
The Editors

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