The Common Good
December 2009 Sojourners Magazine

December 2009 Sojourners Magazine



Climate Change and the Poor
by Jim Ball

Why Copenhagen Matters
by Bill McKibben

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear
Our Christian faith calls us to work out right relations with God, our neighbor - and all creation.
by Janet L. Parker

Priests in God's Garden
An Anglican bishop gives a biblical vision for saving the earth.
by James Jones


Pay Attention to the Birds
Jesus tells us to depend on God's natural world, not on the stockpiles we create by pillaging it. A Bible Study.
by Ched Meyers

The Walls Come Tumbling Down
It's time for a new relationship with Cuba
by Joyce Hollyday

Culture Watch

Farmers in the Swell: Joel Salatin's Vision for Healing the Land
Reviews: Franz Jagerstatter: Letters and Writings from Prison; Why David Sometimes Wins
Interview: Jim Wallis talks Justice with Michael J. Sandel

Eyes and Ears
by Danny Duncan Collum

On Film,
by Gareth Higgins


Hearts & Minds: The Urgency of Civility
by Jim Wallis

Earth & Heaven: The Pastor's Dilema
by Joel Hunter

God Stuff: Surprised by Motherhood
by Cathleen Falsani

H'rumphs: What Would Jesus Prescribe
by Ed Spivey Jr.


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| Covering Palestine | Levels of Intimacy | Yearning For Connection | Off-Focus? |

Between the Lines
| Healthy Middle Class? | Changing Farmers' Lives | Voting for Change | Is That Jesus In Your Pocket? |

This the Morning
by Scott Cairns

Short Takes
Six Questions For Rev. Laura Sumner Truax
Interview by Jeannie Choi

Living the Word: Getting Ready for the Unexpected
by Walter Bruggemann

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