The Common Good
Faith and Finance: Christians and the Economic Crisis (PDF)

Faith and Finance: Christians and the Economic Crisis (PDF)


Perfect for small groups or individual study! Designed to spark discussion and thought about how to live out God's call for justice in our world. Each session includes Sojourners' articles, questions for discussion, and ideas for further study.

  • 4 sessions, 51 pp, 14 major articles on faith, personal finances, and social responsibility in times of economic crisis.

About this guide: The Bible contains hundreds of references to money. As Christians, we are charged to be good stewards of our finances and to direct them in the service of others, especially the poor. But what about when the economy no longer serves the common good? How do we deepen our trust in God when our financial security is weakened?

This discussion guide will ground users in the deep security of God with practical suggestions for how to be faithful financial stewards in hard economic times and in good economic times.