The Common Good
January 2009 Sojourners Magazine

January 2009 Sojourners Magazine

Cover Story
  • Dear President Obama : Memos to the new president from political, cultural, and religious leaders. by Jim Wallis, Elizabeth Edwards, Bono, Nicholas Kristof, Marian Wright Edelman, and others


  • Amazing Grace in the Mental Ward. For years, I had fought against the stigmas that dehumanize people with mental illness. Now here I was on the inside. by William O'Brien
  • The Pattern of this World A Ugandan Catholic priest, the child of Rwandan parents -- one Hutu and the other Tutsi -- explains how missionary Christianity helped create the divisions that led to genocide. by Emmanuel M. Katongole (with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove)
  • It's the Equality, Stupid The financial crisis. by Robert S. McElvaine
  • The Dangerous Trade-off. The U.S.-India nuclear deal fans the flames of the global arms race. by Larry Pullen and Tyler Wigg Stevenson
  • The New Digital Divide Overcoming. Online segregation. by Andrew Sears
  • Hearts & Minds: A New Faith Coalition The faith community can help bring people together on the biggest moral issues of our time, even across old political divisions. by Jim Wallis
  • Eyes & Ears: The Battle Over the 1960s Can Obama move us past the culture wars of the last 40 years? by Danny Duncan Collum
  • H'rumphs: This Is Not About the Economy by Ed Spivey Jr. Ed Spivey Jr. takes on the economic crisis, former Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld, and muffins.
  • Culture Watch: Buy, Buy Baby. Helping parents resist the siren song of marketers. by Valerie Weaver-Zercher
  • Sojourners Recommends: Life-Shaping Books for Kids
  • A Timeless Prophet by Steve Loy
  • Book Review: The Collected Sermons of William Sloane Coffin: The Riverside Years, Volume 2 by William Sloane Coffin.
  • Going Green by Tim King Review:
  • The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems by Van Jones.
  • New and Noteworthy
Spiritual Journeys | Moral Principles | Transforming Hearts | Weapons of War | Between the Lines | Making Abortion Rare | Africa Demands Climate Change Compensation | The Poverty Pulpit | Newman Lives | Lookin' for the Light | Welcoming the Stranger: Illegal?
Poetry: Written to Read at a Peace Rally by Jacob Bathanti
Living the Word: Claiming Our Inheritance Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary for January.
by Michaela Bruzzese

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