The Common Good
January 2013 Sojourners Magazine

January 2013 Sojourners Magazine



Who Would Jesus Execute?
Jim Wallis interviews Richard Viguerie, a law-and-order conservative, on the death penalty and prison reform.

Gandalf, Gollum, and the Death Penalty
Why theology--more than emotions--should frame Christian responses to capital punishment.
by Tobias Winright


Multiplying Loaves
A church in Kentucky shows how to put hidden wealth to work.
By Beth Newberry
Plus:The Louisville Loan Club

Church Power!
Building community through congregation-based organizing.
By Kendall Clark Baker


An interview with young adult author Francisco X. Stork
Review: The Rich and the Rest of Us; The Catonsville Nine

Eyes & Ears
By Danny Duncan Collum

On Film
By Gareth Higgins


PACs Gone Wilde
Big Money's corrupting influence on elections is way out of hand. Here's how to fix it.
By Nick Penniman

Don't Give Up on Global Friendship
We should honor slain diplomats by keeping the flame of diplomacy alive.
By Lindsay McLaughlin

9mm Golden Calves
The U.S should repent of seeing guns as sacred; sane laws would be a start.
By Jame E. Atwood


Hearts & Minds: It's time End the Death Penalty
By Jim Wallis

Moving Mountains The Seeds of Epiphany
By Lisa Sharon Harper

Deep Economy Come Hell and High Water
By Bill McKibben

Grain of Salt Who Speaks for Catholics?
By Jim Rice

H'rumphs: Note to Stink Bugs: Die!
By Ed Spivey Jr.


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Poetry: The Place of the Green Wand
By Theodore Deppe

Living the Word: 'Let Jesus Be Cursed!'
By Martin L. Smith