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June 2010 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)

June 2010 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)


NOW AVAILABLE - Sojourners Magazine as a downloadable PDF!


Dethroning King Coal
Christians defend a way of life, and the earth, in Appalachia.
by Onleilove Alston Restoring the Covenant with Creation
by Larry Rasmussen


The Art of Dying
How do we support faith, love and community at the end of life?
by Lisa Sowle Cahill 'Now the Work Begins'
Churches in Dallas engage in the hard work of transformation after last year's Justice Revival.
by Catherine Cuellar


Liberating History: Cross-generational blogging about faith and feminism.
Reviews: The New Jim Crow; The Future of Faith

Eyes & Ears - Johnny Cash's Final Songs
by Danny Duncan Collum

On Film - Violence Resistance
by Gareth Higgins


| Whose tea party? | Organic Farms | Uncharitable Employer |


Hearts & Minds - A Covenant for Civility
by Jim Wallis

Deep Economy - Water, Water, Everywhere
by Bill McKibben

Godstuff - Why Character Matters
by Cathleen Falsani

The Hungry Spirit - All Along the Way...
by Rose Marie Berger

H'rumphs - This Is Frank Luntz. Not It's Not.
by Ed Spivey


| Move Your Money | The Cure For Greed | Sin of Pride |

Between the Lines
| Climate Change Generation? | Keeping a Civil Tongue | Bishops Agains Nuke Madness | Hit The Praise Button | Why Work-Free Sundays? |

Poetry - Flimsy Ribbon
by Richard Schiffman

Living the Word - A Cast of Emancipated Characters
by Walter Bruggemann

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