The Common Good
March 2010 Sojourners Magazine

March 2010 Sojourners Magazine



Immigration Reform: Why Now?
The urgent call for humane and comprehensive change. With first person stories from Dandra Hernandez, cheuang Kavan, and Mailyn Anderson.
by Allison Johnson, Angela Maria Kelley, Sally Steenland, Gabriel Salguero, Bob Ekblad, Daniel G. Groody, and Jose F. Morales Jr.


Of Bread and Salt
In the midst of everyday curses, a pastor seeks something holy, something that will heal.
by Noemi Mena

Passing the Peace
Veteran activist, priest, and poet Daniel Berrigan speaks with a new generation of Christian justice workers.
an interview by Jen Svetlik

Culture Watch

Out of Place: Poet Meena Alexander and the migrant experience
Review: With God on our Side
Excerpt: Following Jesus Through the Eye of the Needle

Eyes and Ears - Prosperity Pedagogy
by Danny Duncan

On Film - Culture War Cease-Fire
by Gareth Higgins


| Haiti and hope | Campaign finance | The Manhattan Declaration | Oscar Romero |


Hearts & Minds - Time to Move Your Money?
by Jim Wallis

Bridges - Imagining a New Way
by Eboo Patel

H'rumphs - An Urgent Visit to the White House
by Ed Spivey Jr.


| Carry On | Getting Real | Well Versed? | Go Gradual | Not by Might |

Between the Lines
| The State of Journalism | Is Military Money a Stabilizer? | Still-Open Wounds | Rise and Shine |

Poetry - Archbishop Romero's Alb Speaks
by Mary Anne Reese

How To... - Green Your Church
by Elizabeth Palmberg

Living the Word - Lent is 'Come to Jesus' Time
by Walter Bruggemann

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