The Common Good
March 2013 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)

March 2013 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)



Finding God in the Depths of Silence
Real silence can seem like a luxury--but it is at the heart of every spiritual discipline and growth. Why do we resist it?
by Richard Rohr


Across the Board, Peace
An interview with Jim Balmer, an antiwar activist whose commitment to nonviolence has made him an advocate for a consistent ethic of life.

To Comfort the Afflicted
Who was being addressed in 1 Peter's message to "strangers" and "exiles"?
By Reta Halteman Finger

Faith to the Utmost
Today many people identify as "spiritual but not religious." So did Oswald Chambers of My Utmost for His Highest.
By Ronald Osborn


Leonard Cohen: Longing and liturgy
Reviews: The Cry of Tamar; Restless Fires; Faith, Doubt, and Other Lines I've Crossed. Excerpt: Chasing Gideon

Eyes & Ears
By Danny Duncan Collum

On Film
By Gareth Higgins


War on Workers
Anti-labor laws undermine unions in the Midwest. Will faith communities rise to the challenge?
By Phil Haslanger

Real-World Solutions
Abortion rates have dropped, and many people of faith are very interested in the reasons why.
By Marcia Pally

Inside Job
A young immigration activist goes behind bars--on purpose--to shed light on Obama's deportation policies.
By Viridiana Martinez


Hearts & Minds: A 'Historic Moment' on Climate Change?
By Jim Wallis

Deep Economy Top-Notch Theology (or Not)
By Bill McKibben

Moving Mountains 'Where Were You?'
By Lisa Sharon Harper

Grain of Salt 'A World Without Nuclear Weapons'
By Jim Rice

H'rumphs: Living with Big Pharma
By Ed Spivey Jr.


| Call for Sanity | The Power of Forgiveness | Globally Consistent |

Poetry: Jesus Is Stripped of His Garments
By Joseph Bathanti

Short Takes: Six Questions for Frank Mugisha
By Elizabeth Palmberg

Living the Word: The Scales of Rejoicing
By Martin L. Smith