The Common Good
May 2008 Sojourners

May 2008 Sojourners

Special Issue: Faith and Your Finances

Where the Heart Is
Socially responsible investing has morphed into a $2 trillion mainstream industry.
by G. Jeffrey MacDonald

'The Bread You Possess Belongs to the Hungry'
by St. Basil

Whom Do You Serve?
A biblical framework for understanding money's grip on us - and how to break free.
by Marva J. Dawn

Practicing Sabbath Economics
How to live in the light of God's abundance and provision.
by Matthew Colwell

Extreme Charity
For members of the philanthropic group Bolder Giving, generosity pays.
by Julie Polter

Detoothing the Loan Sharks
Five ways to put the brakes on predatory lending.
by Alexis Vaughan

A Gesture of Overcoming
From Dorothy Day's letter to the treasurer of New York City, 1960.
by Dorothy Day

Seeking the 'Fair Balance'
How putting our money into community investments - such as specific banks, credit unions, or microcredit funds - can help create social change.
by Peg Rosenkrands

Indigenous Economics
New investment strategies among native people help create holistic and sustainable communities.
by Rebecca Adamson

Piggy Banks and God's Abundance
Teaching our kids (and ourselves) to be smart - and generous - about money.
by Susan Taylor

Wall Street and Christian Conscience
Why I'm a shareholder activist.
by Susan Wennemyr


Fiscal Spirituality
Serving God with your money, in boom times and bust.
by Julie Polter


H'rumphs: Investing for the Future
Here at Sojourners, we neither toil nor spin.
by Ed Spivey Jr.

Eyes & Ears: A Culture of Debt
Does economic growth depend on consumer spending?
by Danny Duncan Collum

Hearts & Minds: Healing the Wounds of Race
Sadly, many white Americans are still in denial about black frustration and anger.
by Jim Wallis


Living the Word: The Creator of Life
by Laurel A. Dykstra

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