The Common Good
May 2012 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)

May 2012 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)



The Baptist Preacher Who Banned Fried Chicken
And other stories of churches on the front lines of healthy eating

Diet, Exercise, and Temples of the Holy Ghost
Throughout the South, churches are taking on obesity.
By Danny Duncan Collum
God the Farmer
Psalm 65's portrait of the God of creation
By Ellen F. Davis
Work of Many Hands
A day in the life of a farm worker
By Ivone Guillen
Fat of the Land
Corn syrup, calories, and the obesity epidemic.


Driving toward Cuba's Future
Is Cuba at the crossroads of change?
By Wesley Granberg-Michaelson

Doing It the Hard Way
Gamaliel's Ana Garcia-Ashley on the pursuit of justice
By Betsy Shirley

BOOKS/Bearing Witness in Contentious Times
Bringing more light and less heat to the public square.
By Debra Dean Murphy

BOOKS/Fun, Fantasy, and Other Deep Truths
British novelist Nick Harkaway on the moral to our stories.
By Richard Vernon


Injustice in the Food Chain
Low-wage work and racial inequity are rife in jobs that move food to your table.
By Yvonne Yen Liu

Kicking a Bad Habit
Many in Central America say it's time to consider decriminalizing drugs.
By Robert Brenneman

Not Worth the Gamble
Internet sales of lottery tickets are shortsighted and wrong.
By Phil Blackwell


Grain of Salt: Obesity in a World of Hunger
By Jim Rice

Deep Economy: Welfare for (Very Rich) Oil Companies
By Bill McKibben

Bridges: College Students Find Life 'Better Together'
By Eboo Patel

The Hungry Spirit: Into the Dark Woods
By Rose Marie Berger

Eyes & Ears: Death by Individualism
By Danny Duncan Collum

H'rumphs: Like Father, Like Sun...
By Ed Spivey Jr.


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