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May-June 2000 Sojourners

May-June 2000 Sojourners


An Irresistible Force
Jubilee 2000 has surprised people with its phenomenal success. A look at how and why it caught fire - and what's around the bend.
by Martin Wroe

And on This Side of the Pond
The Jubilee 2000/USA campaign.
by Judy Coode

Unleashing a New Moral Energy
Church leaders came together to declare widespread poverty 'morally unacceptable.' And they promised to do something about it.
by Duane Shank


We All Have to Die
But does it have to COST SO MUCH!?
by Julie Polter

Shop Before You Drop
Steps to getting the funeral you want and can afford.
by Julie Polter

Reclaiming Our Rites
The power of ministering to the bereaved.
by Julie Polter

Breaking Down the Walls
Together Palestinian and Israeli activists fight 'functional apartheid' in the West Bank.
by Molly Marsh

This Guy Walks into a Bar
Pocket Canons are the most radical approach to the Bible since Gutenberg. Or at least Ginsberg.
by Jonathan Keats


A Blank Check for China?
China is the current battleground - as Seattle was last fall - over the rules of global trade.
by Jim Rice

I Crave Control
The battle over who owns the Net rages on.
by David Batstone

Image Is...Well, Something
Benetton's ads open eyes. Can they say lives?
by Kari Jo Verhulst

A New Team Takes the Field
Family farms - and farmers - are looking different these days.
by Rose Marie Berger

A Rush to Failure
Missile defense: the wrong path to security.
by David Cortright

You're Fired!
You can't be laid off for bad genes. Can you?
by James C. Peterson


Hearts & Minds: If Not Me, Who?
The Covenant to Overcome Poverty is as simple as it is potentially life-changing.
by Jim Wallis

Grace Matters: What I Learned When I Opened My Mouth About Gay Rights
Wherever self-censorship rules, a real debate is not taking place.
by Chris Rice

Uprisings: Cutting Classes for Christ
Youthful idealism can grow into life-long commitment to justice.
by Ryan Beiler

Eyes & Ears: Yahoo for Hackers
E-commerce guerrillas are the direct descendants of Abbie Hoffman.
by Danny Duncan Collum

H'rumphs: Driving Miss Crazy
by Ed Spivey Jr.

Culture Watch

A Genius Obscured
Vassar Miller is the Emily Dickinson of the 20th century.
by Shaun Griffin

Unhooking Ourselves
Breaking our deadly addiction to advertising.
Book: Deadly Persuasion: Why Women and Girls Must Fight the Addictive Power of Advertising by Jean Kilbourne.
Reviewed by Joe Kelly

On Both Sides of Forgiveness
Sorting out justice in South Africa.
Book: Fault Lines: Journeys into the New South Africa by David Goodman.
Reviewed by Edie Bird

The Fire for Survival
Native struggles for environmental justice.
Book: All Our Relations: Native Struggles for Land and Life by Winona LaDuke.
Reviewed by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos

Inhaling Contradictions
Ambivalence as a religious virtue?
Book: The Religious Imagination of American Women by Mary Farrell Benarowski.
Reviewed by Susan Hogan/Albach

Good Government?
Scripted hope in The West Wing.
Television: The West Wing
Reviewed by Rose Marie Berger

Sharing Our Comforts
A prophetic voice in the Christian pop wilderness.
Music: Justice and Love by Bryan Sirchio.
Reviewed by Robin Fillmore Chapin


Between the Lines
| Iraq Sanctions: 'The slaughter of innocents' | A Punishing Decade | Prosperity Doesn't Equal Generosity | Jamming the Giants | Kosovar Religious Leaders Appeal for Peace | Briefly Noted |

Groundswell: 16 Tons and What Do You Get?
Citizens call a new tune.
by Elizabeth Newberry

Call to Renewal: Poor No More
Coming together to say no to poverty.
by Rev. Emory Searcy Jr.

Seeds: Resources for Study and Action
by Ryan Beiler

Bringing people together.
by Elizabeth Newberry

Living the Word: Radical Shabbat: Free Time, Free People
Honorable work and restful renewal are both aspects of responsibility.
by Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Living the Word: Whatever Happened to the Eight-Hour Day?
Adapted from the Free Time/Free People Campaign statement.
by Free Time/Free People

Poetry: Golgotha
by Dale M. Kushner

Poetry: The Bowl Filling
by Anne Carroll Fowler

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