The Common Good
November 2004 Sojourners

November 2004 Sojourners


High Stakes For Church and State
For many people of faith, the elections have shown that what is needed is nothing short of a new confession of Christ.
by Jim Wallis

The Politics Of Piety
When candidates claim God as their campaign manager, you can be sure they're trying to divert attention from the real question: Do they walk the talk?
by Amy Sullivan


Deserted In Darfur
Starvation threatens already-ravaged Sudan.
by Rose Marie Berger

Shepherds in the Dark Night
Spiritual leaders gently guide bereaved souls through the holy land of grief and loss.
by Mirabai Starr

Secret Siblings
Paul's letters talk about Jesus' radical new vision of believers as family. But some Bible translations miss the point altogether.
by S. Scott Bartchy


The Rest Of The Story
Whatever happened to the 'public good'?
by Deryl Davis

Mullahs, Nukes and the People
Which way forward in Iran?
by Peter Ackerman and Jack Duvall

Debt Relief at Last?
Hope for the world's poorest countries.
by Elizabeth Palmberg

Between the Lines
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Hearts & Minds: The Power of Reconciliation
by Jim Wallis

The Hungry Spirit: Nonviolence in Najaf?
Will we recognize an Islamic peace movement when we see it?
by Rose Marie Berger

Eyes & Ears: The Boss Plays for Change
Bruce Springsteen as singer, guitarist - and statesman.
by Danny Duncan Collum

H'rumphs: It's Almost Over...
We'll miss much about the election season. Or not.
by Ed Spivey, Jr.


Living the Word: Seeking the Living God
by Micheala Bruzzese

Poetry: Imprecision
by Scott Cairns

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Women Building Peace
Worldwide, women seek to reclaim their countries from violence.
Film: Peace by Peace: Women on the Frontlines.
by Rose Marie Berger

Replacing Hatred with Hope
An interview with Swanee Hunt
Book: This Was Not Our War: Bosnian Women Reclaiming The Peace by Swanee Hunt

Insights on Economics
Book: Free People: A Christian Response to Global Economics by Tricia Gates Brown
by Elizabeth Palmberg

New and Noteworthy
Book: A Peace Diary by Peggy Gish
Television: God In Government
Television: The Day My God Died

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