The Common Good
November 2007 Sojourners

November 2007 Sojourners


What Would Jesus Buy?
Rev. Billy and his "Church of Stop Shopping" preach the gospel of love, anti-consumerism, and radical neighborliness.
by Walter Brueggemann

The Stories We Tell Ourselves
Our 'framing' stories aren't serving us well. But there is an alternative: the good news of Jesus.
by Brian McLaren

Word Become Fresh
Finding God in theater.
by Kimberly Burge

Dramatic Faith
Like the actors in this off-Broadway play, we're all participants in the story of Jesus.
by James Martin, SJ

Acts of Strength
Incarcerated women use theater to share their stories - and shape their lives.
by Lisa Wagner-Carollo

Stories as Spiritual Practice
From parables to street theater, imagined worlds open our eyes.
by Molly Marsh

Hearts & Minds: No Turning Back
World Vision shines a spotlight on the moral imperative for change.
by Jim Wallis

Eyes & Ears: A Sick System
by Danny Duncan Collum

H'rumphs: There's Something in the Room
by Ed Spivey Jr.

Living the Word: Cycles of Death and Rebirth
by Malinda Elizabeth Berry

Bridges to Compassion
Gripping books for young people provide handles for engaging the world - even the world of violence and war.
Reviewed by Ginny Moore Kruse

Soul-Freeing Pursuits
A list of life-shaping books for children.
Reviewed by
Kathleen McGinnis

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