The Common Good
November 2008 Sojourners

November 2008 Sojourners


Cover Story

The Meaning of 'Life'
Once thought to be in the pocket of the Religious Right, many American evangelicals today are discovering a deeper understanding of what it means to be pro-life. by Jim Rice and Jeannie Choi

Election 2008: Voting All Your Values
A guide to the issues -- just in time for the elections. by Sojourners staff


A Hardheaded Faith
Mary Doria Russell, author of the best-selling books The Sparrow and Children of God, tells Sojourners about her disciplines -- in her spiritual life and in her writing -- and how she makes friends with her characters. Interview by Rose Marie Berger

This World and the Next
Classic books on science fiction and spirituality. by Elizabeth Palmberg

Through the Laughter and the Tears
Uwem Akpan, a Jesuit from Nigeria, tells stories about Africa through its children, creating rich and complex characters that capture the heartbreaking realities of growing up in the midst of war and poverty. by Kimberly Burge

Building Bridges
Books that traverse the terrain of war and peace, faith and family, and continents and cultures. by Molly Marsh


Nightmare on Wall Street
Wall Street's collapse is the logical consequence of the economic philosophy that governs America. by Jim Wallis

Supreme Illogic
Catholic social teaching and gun control. by Joe Nangle

Tall Tales and Tiny Revolutions
Politics and storytelling. by Molly Marsh


Hearts & Minds: What's at Stake
10 issues to consider in casting a ballot. by Jim Wallis

Eyes & Ears: Publishing on Demand
by Danny Duncan Collum

H'rumphs: Decision 2008
by Ed Spivey Jr.


|Equal Treatment| Time for Single-Payer| Hard Questions|

Inside Story
by The Editors

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