The Common Good
November 2010 Sojourners Magazine

November 2010 Sojourners Magazine

The Gospel According To The Tea Party
Can libertarianism be reconciled with Christian faith?
by Jim Wallis
Plus: Jesus Shrugged?

All in the Family
The Family PLace brings health and hospitality to Washington D.C.
by Ann Barnet

One in the Body
Lessons of solidarity and hope from the movement against AIDS.
by Adam Taylor

The Borderlands of Publishing
Writers who want to let both their faith and their creativity run free are finding a home in the Christian literary underground.
by Julie Polter

  • 7 Books for Bible geeks and other interested readers
  • Books on nonviolence, in theory and in practice
  • "And the survey says": Books on God and country

    Compaign finance reform
    By Jennifer Hope Kottler

    Politics of Race
    By Edward Gilbreath

    Gambling on Hunger
    By Elizabeth Palmberg

    Hearts & Minds: The Real Cost of the Iraq War
    by Jim Wallis

    Deep Economy: A Problem of Biblical Proportions
    by Bill McKibben

    Godstuff: Together in Imperfection
    by Cathleen Falsani

    The Hungry Spirit: Loving the World
    by Rose Marie Berger

    Earth & Heaven: Living in the Valley
    by Joel Hunter

    Eyes & Ears: McCarthyite Mashup
    by Danny Duncan Collum

    H'rumphs: Cover Your Ears, Thomas Jefferson...
    by Ed Spivey Jr.

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    Poetry: Jesus and the Cabbage
    by Jeanne Murray Walker

    Living the Word:God's Reign Cracks Into Our World
    by Walter Bruggemann

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