The Common Good
November-December 2000 Sojourners

November-December 2000 Sojourners


Should Joe Lieberman Keep his Faith to Himself?
The real question is not whether religious values should help shape politics, but how.
by Jim Wallis


Core Values
The Broetjes had a crazy idea - to treat their workers like people.
by Jim Rice

Paradise Paved
The Earth may be the Lord's but we've trashed the place. The good news is that Christian attitudes toward the environment are changing.
by Lois Ann Lorentzen

Who's Who on the Christian Green Scene?
The most effective Christian eco-groups are leaner and less hampered by unwieldy church bureaucracies.
by Lois Ann Lorentzen

New Eden - Same Snake?
What they're saying about the Human Genome Project.
by Rose Marie Berger

Love Stronger Than Steel
An experimental summer camp brings children together with their dads - in prison.
by Rachel Spaght


Catalog Jesus
by Julie Polter

The Democratic Dance
On the campaign trail, populism's hot - but will it last?
by Danny Duncan Collum

Love, Cardinal Ratzinger
What should we do with these Vatican documents?
by Rose Marie Berger

What Makes for Middle East Peace?
Reaching Across the Barricades.
by Tom Getman

What Makes for Middle East Peace?
Jerusalem's 'Sanctity' must be built on justice.
by Neve Gordon

Seeking an Iraqi Endgame
U.N. inspections remain key to resolving the impasse.
by David Cortright

Back to Jesus' Way
How the church became entangled in death - and the way out.
by Glen Stassen


Hearts & Minds: Lifting All Boats
by Jim Wallis

Grace Matters: Is That Racism on Your Shoe?
by Chris Rice

Uprisings: Almost Heaven
by Elizabeth Newberry

Eyes & Ears: The Telecommunications Land Rush
by Danny Duncan Collum

H'rumphs: College Bound (and Gagged)
by Ed Spivey Jr.

Culture Watch

Mighty Rushes of Truth
Subtle details and weighty matters abound in Dar Williams' songs.
Music: The Given World by Dar Williams.
Reviewed by Kimberly Burge

Little Pictures of Hope
Ken Medema's obsession.
Music: Little Pictures by Ken Medema.
Reviewed by Dan Goering

When Profit Is the Driver
The consequences of globalization.
Book: Workin' on the Chain Gang: Shaking Off the Dead hand of History by Walter Mosley.
Book: Field Guide to the Global Economy by Sarah Anderson, John Cavanagh, and Thea Lee.
Reviewed by Jo Ann Heydron

Emancipatory Spirituality
Weaving social engagement and spiritual practice.
Book: Spirit Mattes by Michael Lerner.
Reviewed by Duane Shank

An Unexpected Merton
The Trappist's voice continues to resound.
Book: The Intimate Merton by Patrick Hart and Jonathan Montaldo.
Book: Thomas merton and the Monastic Vision by Lawrence S. Cunningham.
Reviewed by Jim Forest

Interfaith Peacemaking
Is true nonviolence possible only for Christians?
Book: Nonviolence for the Third Millennium by G. Simon Harak.
Reviewed by Dan Buchanan

Christmas Shopping Made Easy
A Winter Reading List
Compiled by The Editors


Between the Lines
| Human Rights Assaulted in Guatemala, Colombia | A Move to Ban Cluster Bombs | Globalizing Justice | Police! Put down the puppet, now! | Briefly Noted |

Groundswell: That All May Be One
Radical ecumenism in a land of strife.
by Fred Bahnson

Call to Renewal: Quiz the Candidates, Then Vote!
Bring poverty into the campaign.
by R. Carter Echols

Seeds: Resources for study and action
by Ryan Beiler

Connections: Bringing people together
by Elizabeth Newberry and Beth Isaacson

Living the Word: Speaking in (the World's) Tongues
by Wes Howard-Brook

Poetry: The Car in the Snow
by Rod Jellema

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