The Common Good
November-December 2003 Sojourners

November-December 2003 Sojourners


The Burden of Truth
Two former CIA analysts talk about the lies behind the Iraq war and the heavy weight of conscience.
by Rose Marie Berger and Jim Rice


On Fertile Ground
The Food Project grows vegetables, relationship, and justice in the suburb and the city.
by Holly Lebowitz Rossi

Emissaries of Hope
For two decades, Witness for Peace has been sending delegations of change to places of fear.
by Peter A. Geniesse

Dividing the Conquered
Israel's wall of separation.
by Ed Spivey

False Gods and the Power of Love
Corporate dominance of world affairs seems almost god-like. Fortunately, things are way more dynamic and alive than the powers calculate, and their claim to be in control is actually self-deceived.
by Bill Wylie-Kellermann

How is it With Your Soul?
The Renovare movement fosters spiritual development as the heart of social justice.
by Keith Matthews


Next Stop, Iran?
Don't these people ever learn?
by Alistair Millar

A Lasting Sting
Is justice delayed better than none at all?
by Alan Bean

In the Wake of a Miracle
Being 'real Christians' in the post apartheid era.
by Linda Martindale

Keeping Promises
Will the world do the right thing by Africa?
by Molly Marsh

Between the Lines
| Youth For Sale | Blue Nuns Go Green | No Women? No Aid | This Land is Our Land | Churches Protest Rios Montt | Can I Get That in Forest Green? | Bush-Whacked |


Hearts & Minds: Whose Sacrifice?
The beneficiaries of wartime tax cuts and contract deals are nothing less than war profiteers.
by Jim Wallis

The Hungry Spirit: Damnation Will Not Be Televised
by Rose Marie Berger

Macrowave: What to Do About Spam?
Technology does not uproot the themes of trust and betrayal in our human drama.
by David Batstone

Eyes & Ears: Rebellion as a Marketing Strategy
Today rock dozes comfortably in the belly of the beast.
by Danny Duncan Collum

H'rumphs: Safety First
Without guns, one cannot shoot things, where would that leave us?
by Ed Spivey


Living the Word: If Not Now, When?
by Michaela Bruzzese

Taking Action: Prisoners With No Crime
by Peter A. Geniesse

Poetry: The Only Sermon
by Andrea Ayvazian

Compiled by Elizabeth Palmberg

| Theological Triumphalism | Judging Evil | Off the Theological Meter | Middle East Counterparts | Whose Sovreignty? | Uphill Battle |


Plain Profundities
Richard Shindell sings a good story.
by Holly Lebowitz Rossi

Bowling Bags and Funny Hats
Book: Better Together: Restoring the American Community by Robert Putnam
Reviewed by Amy Sullivan

A Companion to the Spiritual Life
Book: Flannery O'Connor: Spiritual Writings edited by Robert Ellsberg
Reviewed by Julie Polter

Without a Welcome
Book: When Prisoners Come Home: Parole and Prisoner Reentry by Joan Petersilia
Reviewed by James Tramel

Back Roads Music
Music: Mission Temple Fireworks Stand by Paul Thorn
Reviewed by David Fillingim

Requiem for a Nation
Music: An American Requiem by Richard Danielpour
Reviewed by Robin Fillmore

Compassionate Imperialism
Book Excerpt: Broken We Kneel: Reflections on Christian Citizenship by Diana Butler Bass

New and Noteworthy
Music: Go Tell it On the Mountain by the Blind Boys of Alabama
Book: The Best Christian Writing 2004 edited by John Wilson
Book: Franciscan Nonviolence: Stories, Reflections, Principles, Practices, and Resources by Ken Butigan, Mary Litell, OSF, and Louis Vitale, OFM
Music: Ohio by Over the Rhine
Compiled by Molly Marsh

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