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COMMENTARY: Is the Hobby Lobby Bible Elective Objective?
Originally Posted: 05/13/2014 - 2:19pm | Type: Blog

On April 14, the school board in Mustang, Okla., voted to institute an elective Bible course. This is not news. More than a thousand U.S. public schools offer Bible as literature courses. ...

10 Ways Pastors Muck It Up
Originally Posted: 07/14/2011 - 8:35am | Type: Blog

After posting a blog about my <a href="" target="_blank">observations of a dying church</a>, th ...

An Open Letter from Sojourners to Zondervan
Originally Posted: 07/14/2011 - 8:18am | Type: Blog

We at Sojourners, in solidarity with our Asian American sisters and brothers, affirm the <a href="../2009/11/20/tremendous-act-of-repentance-by-zondervan/">act of repentance by Zondervan</a& ...

Deadly Viper Backlash: Doing the Right Thing is Only the First Step
Originally Posted: 07/14/2011 - 8:18am | Type: Blog

In case you hadn't heard, Zondervan made <a href="" target="_blank">a major announcement</a> yeste ...

Thoughts on Zondervan's and Authors' Statements After Pulling of Deadly Viper Products
Originally Posted: 07/14/2011 - 8:18am | Type: Blog

As many of you know, several Asian-American leaders and I have been in dialogue with both the authors of <a href=""> ...