The Common Good

Rev. David Vasquez

Cleaning Up the Toy Room (and Immigration)

Often when I ask my kids to clean the toy room, one of them will sit in the couch, arms crossed, and claim that she has already cleaned out all "her" toys, and the remaining ones are all her brothe
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Abraham, Joseph, and Today's Immigrants

Abraham and Sarah left all that was familiar and dear to them to follow the promise of a better future.
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Arizona Reveals a Struggle Beyond the Courtroom and the Ballot

In light of recent events in Arizona, I propose we lead in our communities where national and global leaders lag behind on issues of human rights and love of neighbor.
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'Hey Obama, Don't Deport My Momma!': A Photo Essay

A children's rendition of Springsteen's 'Born in the USA' filled the air of Lafayette Square in Washington D.C. on Wednesday afternoon as U.S.
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'Breaking Bread and Barriers': Storytelling Connects Personal Immigration Experiences with Scripture

Here's a glimpse into what's happening around the country on immigration reform:
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Postville Still Suffering in the Wake of Immigration Raids

Months after the largest immigration enforcement raid in history, the tiny community of Postville is still sufferin
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