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After Wisconsin: Hallelujah Anyhow

Scott Walker has survived. His intent to divide and conquer worked. First he sought to divide public workers – teachers and others from police and firefighters. This did not work. He sought to separate public employees from “taxpayers,” as if public employees are not also taxpayers. He brought South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to campaign for him. She boasted of being a union buster. So-called “right to work” is a pillar of conservative Republican politics.

Hallelujah anyhow.
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A Grassroots Call to Tackle Corporate Tax Dodging

Across the United States, there is a new movement emerging to dramatize the immorality of corporate tax dodging in the face of drastic budget cuts.
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God in Wisconsin: Scott Walker's Misguided 'Obedience'

As the stand off between workers and Governor Scott Walker continues in Wisconsin,
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People of Faith United in Wisconsin

In the midst of the national uproar over the attempt by Wisconsin Gov.
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Wisconsin: America's Tahrir Square?

A week after a shocked world reveled in Egypt's incredible moment of freedom and people power, Wisconsin is reviving its own unique tradition of people power and creative protest.
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Memo to Governor Scott Walker from Pope Benedict XVI

An estimated 30,000 people converged in Madison, Wisconsin's Capitol Square and inside the Capitol building on Thursday
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