The Common Good

In keeping with our mission, Sojourners envisions a future where Christians put their faith into action. To guide that action, we attempt to articulate a biblically grounded vision for engagement in public policy.  Many of the specific issues we face today are not directly addressed in the Bible, so we cannot simply make quick and easy leaps from biblical texts to specific policies or pieces of legislation. But we can use the Scripture as the vision and foundation that guides our policies.  In each of our three strategic commitments of social justice, life and peace and environmental stewardship; we have developed a policy position on some of the major issues of our time.  For each; there are some basic facts, our position including the biblical basis, the principles that flow from those, and the resulting policy position.                  

Life & Peace

Because all life is a sacred gift from God, we must defend and promote practices and policies that protect life and promote human rights, human flourishing, and peaceful solidarity.  Because Jesus calls us to be peacemakers, to be agents of reconciliation, and to love our enemies, we work to reconcile relationships, reduce violence, and resolve political and social conflict. 

Environmental Stewardship

Because God created an interconnected web of life that is radiant with value and goodness, we teach respect for all creation, we work to protect this beautiful and fragile planet, and we pursue cultural, economic, and environmental stewardship and sustainability.