The Common Good

Anna Hall

Campaigns Assistant

Anna, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, comes to Sojourners most recently via San Francisco, although to her recollection she has moved about 10 times during the past 5 years to pursue educational and professional opportunities. She graduated with a BA in political science after studying at Bryn Mawr College and The Ohio State University. In 2012, Anna received her MA in international development from Eastern University’s School of Leadership and Development.  

Passionate about issues at the nexus of faith and social justice in today’s world, Anna is specifically interested in refugee and immigrant assimilation into the United States. Experience working at a Columbus-based refugee resettlement agency and teaching citizenship classes in Ohio and California solidified her resolve to press into places where she can build a bridge of love and trust to others of diverse and often harsh backgrounds.  

Anna is excited to step into the Sojourners community as campaigns assistant. In her role, she provides support to the campaigns team including policy research, issue advocacy, and online activism. She is grateful for Sojourners being a platform to reinforce her intense intellectual commitment and desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world through her work and life.  

In her free time, Anna enjoys spending time in nature, running, thrift shopping, and trying (and attempting to replicate) ethnic cuisines. She loves people and she loves to learn, and she loves to learn from other people. She looks forward to exploring DC in the coming year, after which she hopes to return to the West Coast.


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