The Common Good

by Jim Wallis

We know who is really in control, and it’s not us — not even the wealthy and powerful among us, who often live under the illusion of control. What a resting place we can find in God when we remember that truth.

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Pope Francis' frank imagery prompted a flurry of playfully creative headlines that ranged from mocking to woeful. And the byproduct? The continued misinformation on what Catholics currently practice and what the Catholic Church actually teaches.

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While some people may have heard of the great work of Nuns on the Bus to engage people on pressing social issues, there’s also the “Nuns on the Underground Railroad” — a quiet movement of nuns working together to restore dignity and healing for victims of labor and sex trafficking across the nation and the world.

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It is time for the Christian church – indeed all people of faith – to explore, in a more sustained and sophisticated way than ever before in human history, what can be done nonviolently.

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Pope Francis is calling on world leaders, and all Catholics and people of good will, to act on global warming by releasing a historic papal encyclical on the matter this summer.

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That anyone, most especially evangelicals, questions God’s — and by extension, the Christian community's — love and friendship for and with my Christ-professed gay and lesbian sisters and brothers breaks my heart. Christ-like friendship is the heart of the gospel; the ultimate risk belongs to Christ alone.

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  • We have an opportunity before us to turn from our reliance on and support of fossil fuels and go in a new direction — toward a future that helps us care for God’s creation.
  • Anti-vaccine parents are turning their children into little walking time bombs. They ought to be charged for endangering their children and others.
  • Leviathan is fully relatable to anyone who has worked against a system that’s left them battered, bruised, and utterly spent.
  • In 2010, the book, The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven, was released. At the time, I believe I gave this news about 0.3 percent of my attention, and 0.1 percent was spent lamenting terrible theology prevalent in the popular Christian book market. It came as no surprise when last week The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven retracted his story.
  • The cell I was held in is part of an effort by faith groups and other prison reform advocates in Wisconsin to push the state to cut way back on the use of solitary confinement, both in terms of why prisoners are put there and how long they are kept there.
  • As long as we LGBTQ Christians are shoved into the shadows of this faith community, no evangelical parent with a closeted child is going to know of another way until it’s too late to take it. No LGBTQ child is going to have hope that there is place they belong. As long as we are unseen, families will continue to fall apart. Beautiful lives will continue to disappear.

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January is National Human Trafficking Awareness month. This series explores the nuances of the problem and features first-hand stories from survivors.