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That anyone, most especially evangelicals, questions God’s — and by extension, the Christian community's — love and friendship for and with my Christ-professed gay and lesbian sisters and brothers breaks my heart. Christ-like friendship is the heart of the gospel; the ultimate risk belongs to Christ alone.

Resistance might not be the word that comes to mind in response to human trafficking. Most often people speak of “combatting” or “fighting” human trafficking. But when we consider human trafficking as social sin, one in which ordinary persons are complicit and connected, then resistance emerges as an appropriate moral response.

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I have started the process of divesting my retirement fund and other savings from fossil fuel companies. Will it make a “Big Oil” company close its doors? No, but it is an opportunity for me to live out my values and witness to my deepest beliefs. This is not just a symbolic act but a step toward living with integrity as a Christian.

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It’s not that I am regularly in prison or that I had behaved so badly. I was simply in a mock solitary cell located in the sanctuary of a church. I was only there for an hour. I knew I would be getting out. But that hour did offer a glimpse into the world of how solitary confinement is used – and abused – in our nation’s prisons.

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Being the wrong messenger means that God will call you from the places where you feel you belong and teach you that if you find your dignity in God, you belong everywhere. It means experiencing pain and awkwardness but working for Jesus in spite of those obstacles, because he has overcome all obstacles.

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While politicians and media figures demand apologies from the Obama administration for failure to attend the French rally, there are no such cries for Nigeria. ... There are no loud cries for American diplomats to travel to Jordan, Turkey, or Iraq to comfort the fleeing men, women, and children of ISIS’s campaign in Syria and the surrounding region.

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  • As long as we LGBTQ Christians are shoved into the shadows of this faith community, no evangelical parent with a closeted child is going to know of another way until it’s too late to take it. No LGBTQ child is going to have hope that there is place they belong. As long as we are unseen, families will continue to fall apart. Beautiful lives will continue to disappear.
  • The state of the union certainly isn’t good for the poorest and most vulnerable Americans, especially for the children who live in poverty — one in every five American children, and one of every three children of color. A stunning new statistic just came out showing that most of our public school students now are living in poverty. A majority of kindergarten- to twelfth-grade kids in America’s public schools show up to class each day poor and often hungry.
  • The gospel message of Jesus is about love. God is love, and God wants us to reflect this reality to the world around us. But while Christians have been taught this simple reality for years, it’s easy to complicate the love of God. Here are five common ways we continually mess it up.
  • Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, women who are smart, talented, and gutsy enough to call out injustice, make me proud to be a woman. They are my people.
  • I don't think the world needs more armchair advocates … especially when our arguing or defending leads to the fracture of real-life relationships. I’m not saying we all need to passively waltz around the world's issues. No, I’m proposing we actively engage them — in two ways.
  • Whether it is described in the vocabulary of religion or more "secular" terms, violence — and in the case of torture, shockingly inhumane violence — is described as a necessary means for bringing about the good. This logic is at the heart of all religious violence, and it is a view that is alive and well today.

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January is National Human Trafficking Awareness month. This series explores the nuances of the problem and features first-hand stories from survivors.