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Thankfully, the true God isn’t a God of power, but a God of nonviolent love who meets us where we are. God doesn’t force us to be thankful in times of grief and despair. Rather, God meets us in our honest and raw emotions. A theology of despair claims that God meets us in our grief and hopelessness. 

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We now all have the chance to examine the evidence — released last night — in the grand jury’s decision not to indict white police officer Darren Wilson, who fired multiple bullets into Michael Brown. But the verdict on America’s criminal justice system is already in for many Americans: guilty, for treating young black men differently than young white men.

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“The thing about blues music is that it tells the same story as gospel music. It just stops sooner. Look at this part. Blues would stop after this first line. ‘Why are you cast down, O my soul?’ That’s it. My soul is cast down. But gospel says, ‘The story’s not done yet.’”

We must not give in to seasonal jollity, to the annual pretense that everything is fine ... We must stand on the battlefield itself — the streets of Ferguson, Mo., the hiring line when a job opens, a health clinic when battered and raped women show up for help, a voting station when the brown and black are turned away by clever stratagems.

The administration affirmed that there had been “heated debate” between Pentagon advisers and others in Obama’s cabinet chiefly concerned not to lose soldiers in combat. ... but the most notable absence in the reporting was any mention of cabinet members’ concern for Afghan civilians affected ... in a country already afflicted by poverty and social breakdown.

by Jim Wallis
Faith leaders and all those who have spent years trying to fix our broken immigration system should feel gratitude toward President Obama. In a primetime address to the nation, the president announced he was taking executive action to relieve some of the suffering caused by the failures of the status quo.

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