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Of course, this will bother a lot of people. ... The binaries simply don’t work, and when we try to cling to them we feel like the universe is crumbling around us when we see evidence to the contrary, and especially when we sense it within ourselves.

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Through small acts and large, we have betrayed the trust of the people God has called us to serve with integrity. Sometimes we have sinned profoundly and sometimes our sins have been less conspicuous. Nonetheless, we have eroded confidence in the church. This is our own fault.

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We do not betray our new life by fully immersing ourselves in our own physicality and that of the world around us. Rather, it is as transformed people that we most deeply experience the world and fullness of self.

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Except for Rand Paul, none of the Republican candidates have been willing to admit that ISIS is a consequence of our complete devastation and destabilization of Iraq — leaving us with the greatest real threat the international community has faced for some time.

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As a non-American, it is surprising to hear my brothers and sisters throw out phrases like, “the church is in decline,” when what they are referring to is the church in America. The global church is thriving in many areas of the world, and what joy it would be to allow their voices to speak into the congregations of the global North.

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the gulf between the older, historic churches, located largely in the global North, and the younger, emerging churches in the global South, often fueled by Pentecostal fire, constitutes the most serious division in the worldwide Body of Christ today. ... And these walls need to come down, for the sake of God’s love for the world.

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