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Where redemption is not only clear but comprehensive, and yet clemency is denied, we must ask whether a process meant to create conditions for justice has ossified into a slavish adherence to punishment.

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by Shane Claiborne
The Gospel of Kelly Gissendaner is still being written. I hope and I pray, along with hundreds of thousands of others around the world, that the Gospel of Kelly is not cut short tonight by the state of Georgia.

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In trying to figure out how to overcome evil, it is often helpful to first decide how not to. Bill O’Reilly rightly condemns ISIS as evil, but he frames the conflict as a “holy war.” ... While it’s a common Fox practice to turn everything into a partisan issue against President Obama, O’Reilly is also spreading a very dangerous theology.

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In the famous passage from Song of Songs, we see that most English Bibles translate the verse to state, “I am dark BUT lovely,” which is an apology for darkness, whereas the correct translation in the original Hebrew is “I am dark AND lovely,” which is not an apology but a bold declaration of beauty.

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by Stephan Bauman
We are on the cusp of a seismic shift in how we understand the world’s most vulnerable and the problems they face. When we personally experience this shift, we radically change too. ... After two decades of working to create and sustain positive change, I have never been more hopeful.

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It feels less to me like giving things up or Bible verses and more about intentionally walking in spiritual pilgrimage with your God. Forty days to develop a practice that honors the sacred journey that is our human experience, giving thanks to the One who made us as we walk alongside this light, this hope.

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