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All eyes are on the jury, yet many of us who are watching realize that the real power does not reside in Gov. Jay Nixon or the grand jury, but in us. Just as it is the crowd who sways Pilate to crucify Jesus, so it is we who can determine whether justice comes in Ferguson and everywhere where racism exists.

The administration affirmed that there had been “heated debate” between Pentagon advisers and others in Obama’s cabinet chiefly concerned not to lose soldiers in combat. ... but the most notable absence in the reporting was any mention of cabinet members’ concern for Afghan civilians affected ... in a country already afflicted by poverty and social breakdown.

by Jim Wallis
Faith leaders and all those who have spent years trying to fix our broken immigration system should feel gratitude toward President Obama. In a primetime address to the nation, the president announced he was taking executive action to relieve some of the suffering caused by the failures of the status quo.

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It is challenging to hear these men tell their story, in particular because it runs so counter to the narrative we hold to in the West: that religion is superstition at best or a dangerous weapon at worst. Perhaps that is because we live in a culture of relative safety and peace, in which being inconvenienced often feels like suffering.

It’s been said that one of the greatest tricks devil ever played was convincing most of the world he doesn’t exist. His greatest encore might be wrapping up vice in the midst of a big ball of virtue and letting the whole thing rot from the inside out.

For better and for worse, the chance to highlight our own good deeds and heart for justice is currently just a status update away; as is our ability to idolize or demonize others under the banner of change. Eugene Cho is exploring and sharing guidelines for working with integrity, leading with reflections on his own public status.

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