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My being “right” about theology and worship and what it should look like becomes a false god when it keeps me from being able to worship God freely in any place there is an assembly of other Christians. ... Wouldn’t it be better to exhaust ourselves in the heart-felt pursuit of God wherever God is found instead of being “right?”

by Jim Wallis

We know who is really in control, and it’s not us — not even the wealthy and powerful among us, who often live under the illusion of control. What a resting place we can find in God when we remember that truth.

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Pope Francis' frank imagery prompted a flurry of playfully creative headlines that ranged from mocking to woeful. And the byproduct? The continued misinformation on what Catholics currently practice and what the Catholic Church actually teaches.

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If we allow people to be shamed or forced into crime through a lack of viable alternatives, we are morally culpable, like the Greco-Roman society that taught women their life was only worth as much as their physical purity.

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It is time for the Christian church – indeed all people of faith – to explore, in a more sustained and sophisticated way than ever before in human history, what can be done nonviolently.

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Pope Francis is calling on world leaders, and all Catholics and people of good will, to act on global warming by releasing a historic papal encyclical on the matter this summer.

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