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As we approach Holy Week, I am struck by Jesus’s own acts of resistance and disobedience to unjust authority in his day. Jesus overturned the moneychangers’ tables in the temple. He refused to answer Pilate’s direct question. And he publicly called out the Pharisees and scribes inside the temple. Then he was hung on a tree by unjust authorities.

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It will take 80 years to reach gender parity in pay, status, governance, etc. In the year 2095, my daughters would be approaching 100 years old, and my mother, wife, two sisters, aunts and so forth would be long dead along with me and all the women that I care about today. Why wait 80 more years?

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No preaching. No altar call. No liturgy, church building, no judgment, guilt, or fear. Just coming together to sing, share joy, and give. And no one saw it coming, or maybe didn’t even know they needed.


Cruz is the first serious candidate to officially throw his hat in the presidential ring. Because he quickly invoked God, it’s a safe bet that future Republican and Democratic candidates will also invoke the blessings of God the Almighty. So, let’s talk God and politics.


"We must achieve a free sort of election campaign, not financed. Because many interests come into play in financing of an election campaign and then they ask you to pay back," said Pope Francis.

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Imagine if Christians introduced people to their God instead of their religion.

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