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Both evangelicals and historic Protestants in the global North tend not to recognize, and underestimate, the ways in which indigenous Pentecostalism in the global South is freeing Christianity from the heritage of Western, white colonial baggage, producing forms of faith indigenous and often highly contextualized to non-Western cultures.

I find these characteristic caricatures offensive in speaking of those whom Jesus called “the least of these.” So I thought it might be spiritually helpful to compare Fox’s language about the poor to the language of Christ, and the deep feelings that these completely contrary languages reveals.

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As a non-American, it is surprising to hear my brothers and sisters throw out phrases like, “the church is in decline,” when what they are referring to is the church in America. The global church is thriving in many areas of the world, and what joy it would be to allow their voices to speak into the congregations of the global North.

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the gulf between the older, historic churches, located largely in the global North, and the younger, emerging churches in the global South, often fueled by Pentecostal fire, constitutes the most serious division in the worldwide Body of Christ today. ... And these walls need to come down, for the sake of God’s love for the world.

The movie occasionally veers towards overly naïve, and its internal logic doesn’t always work. But despite some problems, it remains a refreshing alternative to a summer movie season that’s otherwise been filled with darker worldviews.

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God forgives. Bandidos don’t.

We can easily dismiss that slogan as a biker gangs attempt to intimidate, but do not dismiss it. That pithy statement tells a profound truth about both God and humanity.

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  • Iran has been plagued by men of certainty — men who have been so certain about their ideologies and their views. Shirin is a woman of uncertainty who continues to question Iran’s politics and ideology.
  • They were clearly not interested in the political identity of white American evangelical leadership that has yet to seriously address issues of justice as central to Christian faith — issues like global economic inequality, climate change, racial justice, moving away from more and more American-led wars.
  • What Christians must understand — and accept — about these statistics is that religious data about a country doesn’t accurately reflect its corporate actions pertaining to following Christ.
  • What if Christians aren’t being persecuted? What if our loss of influence in culture is because we lost our saltiness? What if people are trying to get us to be quiet because we have become a loud, obnoxious, noisy gong?
  • Like grooves on a vinyl record, our past has left its mark. We can break with those grooves for sure, but we cannot pretend they never existed.
  • If Christians are going to take seriously Jesus’ command to follow him, then we need to stop this absurd defense of drawing pictures of Muhammad. And if we defend the practice of ridiculing our fellow human beings by hiding behind the freedom of speech, then we have made freedom of speech into an idol.
  • I urge you to prayerfully consider adding your own voice in support of the diplomatic process and share the opportunity with others. Read it, discuss it in your churches, and add your name. This is a historic opportunity for diplomacy to triumph over armed conflict, and as people of faith, you can play an important role in helping the process succeed.

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