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If things are ever going to change in this country, we need to start by educating others and letting them know that a different world is possible. It’s not going to be easy and it won’t happen overnight but we can’t stand idly by as lives are lost needlessly every day.


I discovered that even though it seemed the doctrine wasn’t always clear and consistent, the authors weren’t exemplary, and the stories didn’t always contain distinct and easily discernible meanings, that is exactly what makes it such a rich foundational text for faith.

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The entire doctrinal belief system necessitates a separatist perspective and lifestyle, an emphasis on individual salvation, and adherence to a homogeneous set of doctrinal beliefs. It does not in any way foster tolerance for an interracial, intercultural, and interfaith context.

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I’m afraid if we believe there is only room enough for one kind of pain, then we declare there is room enough for only one kind of solution. We forget the most powerful resource we have to combat injustice is humanity’s ever expanding potential to be creative, to labor with tenacity, and to love.

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I’ve found D.C. to be far beyond the House of Cards-meets-Cherry Blossom Festival sketch beloved by press and many residents alike. In my daily experience, D.C. is collaborative, generous, and deserving of accolades in ways that continually surprise.

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by Jim Wallis
Thus far, there is little evidence that public officials in Ferguson and St. Louis County have the courage to alter their behavior and their systematic responses to young men and women of color in their communities. So faith leaders came to help begin the process of repentance.

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  • The book of Revelation and I have a complicated relationship. We flirted a little bit, back in high school, at least until it got me kicked out of church.
  • Dr. Kim makes the crucial point here — the current Ebola outbreak is much more than a public health crisis — it is an inequality crisis.
  • The rapture movie is neither hot nor cold. So why was it made? A roundtable of religion writers discuss.
  • I agree with Bill Maher and Sam Harris that we have to criticize bad ideas. But the “mother lode of bad ideas” doesn’t come from Islam. That’s an arrogant claim that will only kindle the spirit of violence and scapegoating in us. The “mother lode of bad ideas” is scapegoating violence.
  • The headlines and talk shows are dominated by the response ISIS. To be clear, this group readily uses fanatical and brutal actions to achieve its radically exclusive vision. The images they skillfully project are like violent, X-rated video games made real. No wonder that many react to this horror with chills going down their spines. But there is something that worries me more: the ongoing Ebola crisis.
  • Hearing U2's album October for the first time set my life on a trajectory that continues to this day: finding God in the places some people say God isn't supposed to be; looking for the truly sacred in the supposedly profane; discovering the kind of unmatched inspiration and spiritual elation elsewhere in culture that I had found that day in Rob's living room.
  • Many Christians look to the Bible to justify divinely sanctioned violence against our enemies. Excuse me for stating the obvious, but Christians are not Biblians. We are Christians. As Christians, we should be putting Jesus first.
  • Why do they join? Is it religious devotion? Psychological imbalance? Tendency toward radical movements and anarchy? All of these motivations may play a part, but my argument is that these men and women who leave their Western homes for the dunes of terror are lonely.

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