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Women and men are created in the image of God with equal value. People of faith must proclaim this message — to NFL Commissioner Goodell and all those in positions of power, including in our own churches. Violence against women — domestic violence in any form — is unacceptable.

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Do we truly have a "Church of U2" and is it in the cloud as well as the arenas around the globe? ... With 33 million downloads, is this a form of evangelism or is it simply "offering something beautiful?" It is so wed with making money to support the mammoth (and fading) music industry, that it's hard to know where the market begins and the ekklesia ends.

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In practice, most Christian groups do not treat these as statements as particularly significant parts of the leadership process, though they might not admit it. Rather, what determines a leader are the prayers, the written reflections, and the conversations that already constitute the bulk of a leadership application in a Christian fellowship.

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Kazantsev’s platform for the Miss America event was “Love Doesn’t Have to Hurt: Protecting Women Against Domestic Violence.” ... What can we take away from Miss America and the recent presence of domestic violence in the mainstream media? Domestic violence knows no bounds. No racial bounds. No economic bounds. No religious bounds.

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by Shane Claiborne
As we listen to Ferguson, we can learn from Ferguson – just as we learn from Montgomery and from South Africa. Many of the worst pits of oppression have later become the brightest beacons of hope. Some of the worst moments of injustice have sparked some of the greatest movements for justice.

I have always believed that any alternative to war must still address the very real problems at hand — just in a more effective way. To say that “war is not the answer” is not only a moral statement but also is a serious critique of what doesn’t work; wars often fail to solve the problems and ultimately make them worse.

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