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Heather Wilson

Associate Web Developer

Heather loves pinhole cameras, the Pacific Coast, the power of story, frequenting protests, getting on planes with her passport, camels-as-transportation, helping to empower voices on the margins, and anything related to Afghanistan. She has spent the past 10 years working throughout the U.S., Asia, and the Middle East, doing photography and communications work for developmental non-governmental organizations.

To peruse her photography, visit Dust and Light Photography.

Blog Posts by Heather Wilson

Posted by Heather Wilson 3 years 32 weeks ago
On the crest of that hill, mourning the violence Kabul had suffered, I stumbled upon a patch of vibrant wild tulips growing at my feet, and was reminded that, even in this place of bloodshed,...
Posted by Heather Wilson 4 years 15 weeks ago
Posted by Heather Wilson 4 years 22 weeks ago
Posted by Heather Wilson 4 years 37 weeks ago

Articles by Heather Wilson

In this audio slideshow, photographer Heather Wilson talks about the beauty of the people, culture, and land of Afghanistan that she experienced while living there.

Afghans risk much to build a better future.

While we often hear only about violence, many Afghans make daily sacrifices to make life better for their families and country.