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Jarrod McKenna

Jarrod McKenna is amazed by grace. A peace award winning nonviolence trainer and activist, Jarrod is now World Vision Australia’s National Advisor on Faith & Activism and a teaching Pastor at Westcity Church. Jarrod with his amazing wife and son Teresa and Tyson, are three of 20 people living at First Home Project ; an innovative community welcoming, housing and empowering refugees. Follow him on twitter here.

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Posted by Jarrod McKenna 2 days 11 hours ago
Australian Catholic Archbishop Mark Coleridge shares a powerful reflection on the Lord’s Prayer:
Posted by Jarrod McKenna 1 week 10 hours ago
I love today’s Lenten reflection by the Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Grey on the first verse of the Lord’s Prayer.Some of my favorite quotes:“Praying this each day calls us to orientate our intention...
Posted by Jarrod McKenna 1 week 2 days ago
Lent is not about giving up stuff.Lent is about the preparation of our hearts for what God has done in Christ.
Posted by Jarrod McKenna 8 weeks 4 days ago
I need a word of hope.In verse 1 of chapter 2 of Luke’s gospel we are introduced to a word of hope, a person who in the ancient Roman empire was referred to as “Divine, Son of God, God, God from God...
Posted by Father Chris Bedding, Peter Barney, Jarrod McKenna 40 weeks 4 days ago
On Monday a nun was arrested here in Australia. That’s right, a nun. She was one of a crowd of Christian leaders who engaged in nonviolent sit-ins at the electorate offices of Bill Shorten and Tony...