The Common Good

Jenny Smith

Meetings & Events Assistant

Jenny, though born in Pennsylvania, has spent the majority of her formative years living smack dab in the middle of North Carolina, surrounded by neither beach nor mountains. The daughter of a pastor, she grew up learning what it means to follow God’s call wherever that may lead (even if it leads to the cornfields of Indiana, where Jenny lived for a few years as a child, but she is hoping that will not happen twice in her lifetime). 

She is blessed to be the youngest of four very prodigious and talented daughters. Jenny describes her sisters as her closest friends and greatest teachers. She graduated in May from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.A. in English and anthropology, and is happy to have been so promptly employed.

Jenny characterizes her faith journey as one of a pathological sinner. God really flexed his grace and mercy muscles when teaching Jenny to trust and follow him. These are lessons she hopes to continually be taught while working at Sojourners and living in community with the other interns. She is extremely excited to learn how to better love her neighbors and engage in politics through the lens of biblical justice. She hopes to do a lot of reading, baking, and playing with babies in her spare time.

Blog Posts by Jenny Smith

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It’s true that by some standards I am not North Carolinian, nor or am I Southern. I was not born there — I have no extended family there. I don’t speak with a drawl. And I don’t (gasp!) like sweet...
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