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Posted by Nicole Baker Fulgham 36 weeks 19 hours ago
With a new school year upon is us it's appropriate to take a closer look at the troubling and complicated relationship between our nation’s public schools and its criminal justice system.Growing up...
Posted by Nicole Baker Fulgham 1 year 31 weeks ago
Most Americans share a common understanding that many public schools in poor neighborhoods aren’t great. It’s rare that I engage anyone who doesn’t know this basic fact on some level. But what’s less...
Posted by Nicole Baker Fulgham 5 years 33 weeks ago
Posted by Nicole Baker Fulgham 6 years 46 weeks ago
I grew up in a working-class, African-American neighborhood in Detroit. I was fortunate to have two college-educated parents who knew how to set my brother and me up for success in school. They also...

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