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Obama Continues Bombing Pakistan (A 'Just Peace' President? Part 2)

He said he would do it.

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During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama said he would go into Pakistan if necessary to capture and/or kill al Qaeda operatives. His opponents criticized him for saying this out loud, and later President Bush commanded airstrikes from unmanned drones in Pakistan. Thus, we ought not to be shocked that these airstrikes continue. Candidate Obama, who garnered support from peace people and anti-war activists because of his early opposition to the Iraq War, outflanked John McCain on his right when it came to Afghanistan and Pakistan. The country still wants retributive justice for the people who planned and executed the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Americans want a president who does not hesitate to use U.S. military power. We ought to face the truth about our national character. We are a warrior people. Listen to our combative language. Do your own inventory of our national vocabulary. Our national symbol is a bird of prey that also eats carrion. The American eagle, a symbol of freedom and power, holds in one talon an olive branch and 13 arrows in the other. This symbolizes the nation's willingness to offer peace as well as war.

The problem with aerial bombing is the same problem with war itself: Innocents always die. They are physically maimed and psychologically wounded. The logic for attacking al Qaeda and the Taliban in the Afghanistan

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