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Occupy Wall Street reaches one month

Read more about the historic first month HERE.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial dedication: Quotes to remember
In a ceremony first postponed by the chill of Hurricane Irene, tens of thousands of people from across the country finally gathered Sunday in near-perfect weather to dedicate the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.
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Evangelical pastors divided ahead of 2012 caucuses.
Today, Iowa's increasingly political pastors are up for grabs, divided on whom to support from a GOP field that features several candidates who call themselves born-again Christians. "More pastors are engaged than four years ago," said Jeff Mullen, who leads one of the Des Moines area's largest evangelical churches. "But there are more choices."
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At rallies, two candidates deliver blistering attacks on illegal immigration.
Herman Cain, the former business executive who has emerged as a front-runner in some polls, said he would build an electrified fence on the border with Mexico that could kill people who try to cross illegally. Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota vowed to make English the government's official language, to build a "secure double fence" and to eliminate "taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal aliens."
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Obama allies' interests collide over Keystone pipeline.
In May, environmental writer and activist Bill McKibben - pondering a simmering energy issue - asked a NASA scientist to calculate what it would mean for the Earth's climate if Canada extracted all of the petroleum in its rich Alberta oil sands region.
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Limbaugh thinks Obama wants to "kill Christians."
Rush Limbaugh set a new low for reactionary tribalism on Friday when he reflexively defended Joseph Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army after hearing that President Barack Obama was sending a hundred U.S. troops to Uganda to assist in capturing or killing the warlord.
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The case for discrimination.
According to every poll, a Mormon and a black man are now the Republican front-runners for president. That's pretty amazing. But the bigger story is that neither candidate represents his people. Mitt Romney has to defeat a fellow Mormon, Jon Huntsman, in the primaries. Herman Cain, if nominated, would face Barack Obama in the general election. Romney is nothing like Huntsman. Cain is nothing like Obama. I don't know whether this four-way fight will produce a winner. But I know what it will destroy: stereotypes.
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Herman Cain Sings "Amazing Grace"

New York Times gets religion or feeds readers' bigotry?
Is there any other read of that long piece on Mitt Romney's lay leadership in his church than: Seems like a good guy with some leadership skills? But then I am not the typical New York Times reader.
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Starbucks concerned world coffee supply is threatened by climate change
Forget about super-sizing into the trenta a few years from now: Starbucks is warning of a threat to world coffee supply because of climate change.
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