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Climate Justice Clips: Reversing the Magnificat in Copenhagen

350 might be the most important number in the world at the moment.
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Obama's Nobel Speech, Violence, and Nonviolence: Who's Na

The president's campaign speech in Philadelphia on race and his speech earlier this year to the Muslim world from Egypt were, in my mind, two of the most important presidential speeches of my lifet
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'Stand up for Christmas'?!

Here's a post from one of my favorite blogs titled, 'Stand Up for Christmas?'.
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Obama's Nobel Speech: What If?

What if? What if Obama's speech had not simply referenced Gandhi and King but followed them in following the way of Jesus?
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Why Climate Change Matters to the Lives of the Poor

World Vision is at the Copenhagen climate change talks because this is no longer an environmental crisis alone, but a deepening humanitarian crisis.
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Climate Justice Clips: Archbishop Rowan Williams on 'Fashioning a Christian Response' to the Climate Crisis

Many would have read reports of Rowan Williams wonderful sermon in Copenhagen. Below are some of my favorite quotes. What some may have missed is this fantastic talk he gave. ...

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Obama in Oslo: Nonviolence is the Strongest Weapon

I was saddened by our president's acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize. He missed a chance to witness to courage and leadership. True, Mr.
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