The Common Good

Table of Contents

Cover Story

An interview with historian Gar Alperovitz.
A journey of remembrance.


How a spirit of fear can distort scripture and history.
Healing for survivors of sexual abuse and war
Responding to the rage caused by childhood sexual abuse
The Redemptorist Mission Team in Mindanao, Philippines.
An interview with Karl Gaspar.


Can the words "Christian" or "faith" appear in proximity to political issues? And if they do, what should they mean?
Retro is a term used by graphic artists to describe a style of American design from the 1950s.
On May 11, after months of U.S. arm-twisting and a four-week review conference in New York, the nations of the world agreed to a South African proposal for a permanent extension of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.


I began this piece on the 50th anniversary of D-day-June 6, 1994.

Anne Morrison Welsh remembers every detail of that day 30 years ago.

When I tell people I live in Washington, D.C., a common reply is, "I'm sorry to hear that."


"Clothe yourselves with humility toward one another."

Culture Watch

Poets and their everyday art.
Writers of various sorts, you may have noticed, sometimes take a notion to cast aside their particular genre or discipline and Just Write About Life
The theology and life of William Stringfellow
Robert McNamara's personal confession.
An inner-city physician's honest struggles.
The search for meaning is hard work.
Beauty and truth in My Family
Early-teen magazines with a new vision.
The Santanas offer the familiar...and the surprising.


A requirement for working at Sojourners is learning how to survive "multitasking." 
The stitches are not tiny - the woman who made them was old.
Showing the way of compassion.
Neighbors work together to take back their streets.
Volunteer Opportunities
In "Suspicions of Conspiracy," Tom Sine examines some of the similarities and differences between certain strands of Christian apocalyptic thought and global conspiracy theories propagated by some political extremists. 
Reflections on the revised common lectionary (July 2 - August 27, 1995)
A requirement for working at Sojourners is learning how to survive "multitasking."