The Common Good

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Cover Story

10 principles for peacemaking in Kosovo.
Repentance is lacking on all sides.
Before the war, a vigorous nonviolent movement sought justice for Kosovo. Their call for support from the world went unheeded.
E-mail glimpses of the Balkan war.
Contrary to popular belief, the Serbian Orthodox church has a history of resisting ultra-nationalism.
Everyone wants to aid refugees. But humanitarian work in the midst of war raises some hard questions---and carries the risk of unintended consequences.
I saw it in their empty eyes and hollow cheeks. The ethnic Albanians pouring over the Kosovo border into Albania for refuge have seen the worst.
What lessons for the future can we learn from Kosovo?


After James Byrd Jr. was brutally murdered by racists in jasper, Texas, the town did not explode. That wasn't an accident, as black and white churches refused to let hate have the final world.
How can I justify spending time on the things I love - music, gardening, poetry - when the world is so filled with injustice and need?
From almost the beginning to the very end of the Book of Genesis, one theme whirls through many variations: war and peace between brothers (and one pair of sisters).


Can a peaceful future arise out of the blood and ashes of war?
Excerpt from statement on Kosovo by Sojourners and other religious leaders
"They're poor. They're black. And they have no oil."
Why we can't ignore gender bias in the classroom.
The not-so-phantom menace of missile defense.
Notes from a peace delegation to a ravaged land.
What hospitality teaches us about justice.


Just over 18 months ago, my mother was dancing at my wedding. Only a month later, my mom discovered that she had cancer of the abdominal lining.

With our family's move last year from urban Jackson, Mississippi, to small-town Vermont, I exchanged the blackest state for the whitest and neighborhood drive-bys for wild turkey dive-bys.

Little Calumet Christian Fellowship is the first Mennonite church in North America to intentionally form a Generation X congregation with pastoral leadership from within that generation.

Congratulations to Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic for winning the United
Nations’ prestigious First War Criminal Still In Office award.

Culture Watch

John Coltrane's quest for freedom.
Why Lucinda Williams Now? Maybe because it's time.
David Wilcox's labor of love.
Sustaining the effort to create change.
Scholars debate the meaning of Jesus
No easy answers in confronting evil.
That Howard Thurman is not a household name is a situation that may soon change.
Beyond money as the measure.


---in memory of Denise Levertov, 1923-1997
Gathering for disarmament in the Nevada desert.
Mission Year forges friendships, changes lives.
Reshaping Economic Principles
Technology, of course, is a mixed blessing. But especially for those working in difficult and far-flung situations, e-mail can be vital for much more than relaying the latest office humor.