The Common Good

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From Cairo, Egypt, to Madison, Wisconsin, civil society is fighting back through massive nonviolent resistance. But what makes for a successful campaign? The data is in.
What the Egyptians did right: a Cairo-based nonviolence trainer looks at what the Jan. 25 activists did right.
The roots of Egypt's revolt: the story of Egypt's long preparation for nonviolent revolution.
Does bloody civil war in Libya mean nonviolence has its limits?
Bernard Lafayette, a leader in the civil rights movement and teacher of nonviolence, discusses lunch counter sit-ins, Martin Luther King Jr., and the challenges and victories of nonviolent movement.


The KKK bomb that killed four girls did not have the last word. An eyewitness account.
Mark's gospel tells us that healing, like suffering, should unite us. A Bible study for the health-care debate.
In the world's newest country, South Sudan, seminaries have taken on an unusual subject.


Obama's outreach to CEOs does little to stem the return of the economy's bad old days. 
Will uprisings change the religious persecution faced by Middle East's Christians?
Genetically modified  alfalfa is certain to contaminate normal fields -- but not to meet farmers needs.


Tough choices are now upon us -- but they must be smart, courageous, and compassionate. 

There is a light in me now, and it is taking over the darkness.

Even the weakest faith can give us the strength to move mountains -- or climb them.

Speaking of my granddaughter, I was changing her diaper the other day, and in the contents I'm pretty sure I saw ...

Culture Watch

Women's ongoing search, in life and texts, for equality and empowerment.
Books on migration and the immigrant experience.
Six books on the ongoing search for peace and justice in the Middle East and beyond.
... Voices from Africa
In 1886, members of America's fledgling labor movement called a general strike for May 1 to demand an eight-hour work day.


Bio: Volunteer with Latinos United for Clean Air (LUCA) in Fresno, California
These Easter readings line out the new life lived by the community of Jesus. They show, on the one hand, that Easter life is dangerous and demanding.