The Common Good
December 2011

Faith and Peace

by Catherine Foley | December 2011

Your article on Heartsong Church and the Memphis Islamic Center (“Peace Be Upon Them,” by Bob Smietana, September-October 2011) reminded me of the power and the responsibilities of those raised in the common Abrahamic traditions. Thank you for repeating the uplifting story.

If it is true that peace is the goal of these traditions, then we have to continue to work together to stop our children from entering the official military and the paramilitary in order to kill each other in the name of our common Creator. During the Vietnam War there was a thoughtful saying: “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” Let’s work together to keep our children out of the tentacles of the military mindset and actions. That way, when the rich want to have a war in order to get richer, no one will come.

Catherine Foley
Taylor Lake Village, Texas

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