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We currently have the table of contents for all back issues of Sojourners magazine from Fall 1971, and we have online content for all back issues since January 1994. You can find them below or through our search engine using key words in the text. To obtain printed copies of available back issues, including those before 1994, visit the Sojourners Resource Center or call 1-800-714-7474 or (202)328-8842.

Sojourners 2006

  • Special Issue: FOOD and how we get it. The Tao of dumpster diving, The politics of "Our Daily Bread" - a bible study, A farm grows in Brooklyn (and a college grows a farm), What's really in our food?
  • From Slogans to Solutions: Can we move beyond hard-line rhetoric to policies that actually reduce abortions? Plus: Immigration: A Bible study, Undocumented in America.
  • Decoding Jesus: "Kingdom of God" is so last-century. Are there new ways to talk about Jesus' good news? Plus: Punk rockers meet senior citizens, Human rights in Latin America: A progress report, What to do when a president places himself above the law.
  • What Works: Gaining ground against poverty: From Africa, three innovative solutions. Plus: Bonhoeffer's 100th, global Christianity, truth and reconciliation in Greensboro.
  • Taking Back Our Kids: Child rearing, never an easy endeavour, has become in many ways a countercultural activity. Plus: Reza Aslan, the Lord God Bird, community-based investing.

Sojourners 2005

  • Vital Signs: Congregations find passion and purpose by blending ancient traditions and contemporary action. Plus: Nelson Good, Conflict in Matthew, Intelligent Religion.
  • Can You See Me Now? The storms in the Gulf exposed a long-denied side of America. Plus: Wendel Berry, Jars of Clay, banned musicians: A special section on books and music.
  • Why Did the Christian Cross the Road? A look at the perils of being bridge people. Plus: Fighting child prostitution; Peace by degree; Leaving campus behind.
  • Reality Check - Facts on the ground in Israel and Palestine belie politicians' false optimism. Plus: A conversation with an Indigo Girl; The human cost of the war on terror; A 16th century mystic's wisdom.
  • Marriage and the Common Good - Young Christians discover that it takes a village to make a marriage and vice versa. Plus: God wants You to end global poverty; The struggle of the San José Church in Jiñocuao, Nicaragua; The miracle at Accra.
  • Confessions of a Blue State Christian by Donna Britt. Plus: Growing up Evangelical; Freedom's Ship; 'Teach a woman to fish...'
  • Give us this Day - A special issue on health, sustainability, and the spirituality of "enough." Including: Ten (or so) things you can do to lessen your impact on the earth; Sprawl and our future; Why God's abundant life won't fit in a shopping cart.
  • Taxes, Lies and the Least of These - Bush's out-of-balance tax agenda. Also: The Lost Boys of Sudan; The Killing of Jimmy Lee Jackson; Supernatural Chiller Flicks.
  • Catholics at the Crossroads - Can the U.S. church find redemption? by Heidi Schlumpf; Challenge and hope in the global South, by Marie Dennis; The Vatican's management problem, by Richard Rohr. Also: Privatizing Social Security; Tsunami Politics; William Stringfellow's Legacy.
  • God's Politics - Why the Right gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It. An excerpt from the new book by Jim Wallis. Also: Evangelism and Empire: a Dangerous Mix; An Interview with Palestinian Peacemaker Hanan Ashrawi; Arun Ghandi on the Challenge of Faithful Living.
  • In The Face Of War - What's next for Christian peacemaking? Also: Finding Grace on Reality TV; Prospects for Peace After Arafat; Mentoring the Children of Inmates.

Sojourners 2004

  • SPECIAL BOOKS ISSUE - Religion and the book industry, by Phyllis Tickle. Also: Paul Elie on Pilgrimage and the art of deep reading; An original vignette by Edwidge Danticat; The Sprituality of reading, by Nancy M. Malone; What I'm Reading, by Kathleen Norris, Brian D. Maclaren, Phillip Yancey, David James Duncan.
  • HIGH STAKES - What does it mean to confess Christ in the election of 2004? by Jim Wallis. Also: The Politics Of Piety, by Amy Sullivan.
  • FEAR - Richard Rohr, Julie Polter, and Francis MacNutt on the Politics and Spirituality of fear. Also: 10 Things to Do Before The Election; A Miracle in Mississippi; Sacred Music in Southern Maryland.
  • Scared To Talk Politics In Church? - Five principles for pastors during an election - and three things to avoid altogether. Also: Dialogue with a Devil, by Jim Forest (with a little help from C.S. Lewis); Arm in Arm in the Middle East; Liberals Discover a Moral Backbone.
  • Democracy in the Balance: Is "we the people" the political incarnation of a spiritual truth - or a stupendous fraud? Also: Color Lines and Party Lines; Ordinary Virtue: Doing the right thing is about using the power we have, no matter how small our efforts.
  • A conversation with Wendell Berry, the Kentucky farmer and renowned essayist talks about true religion, the myth of progress, and the joy of a hot bath. Also: They're Back! The rebirth of the Religious Right; Holy Warror Nuns! Comic books and spirituality.
  • Progressive and 'Pro-Life'? Why people who believe in the sanctity of life - all life - struggle to find a home in either political party. Also: E.J. Dionne Jr. on moral language in the public sphere; Political power and the hip-hop generation;
  • Pray Globally, Act Locally: It's going to take the whole body of Christ - theologians, businesspeople, artists, laborers, activists - to transform the globalized economy into a force for good.
  • Toward Tax Justice: In the beginning was..Alabama. Seeds for a revolutionary debate about taxes were planted - surprise! - in the middle of the Bible Belt. An interview with Susan Pace Hamill, whose faith transformed a governor. Also, Bush tax policy.
  • Down-to-Earth Theology - Special Issue on the Environment; Sins of Emission; a pastor in hip waders; What Genesis days and doesn't say about caring for creation.
  • Should the Church Split Over Gay and Lesbian Christians? The Presbyterian Church (USA) looks for a better way forward. -- Also: The unlikely pilgrimage of Philip Yancey -- Is nonviolent regime change possible? -- Wal-Mart: always low wages
  • 'America, You Must Be Born Again' - A provocative new book explores Martin Luther King Jr.'s sacred journey from reform to revolution. Also, the WTO after Cancun, The morality of file swapping, A last encounter with Johnny Cash.

Sojourners 2003

  • Spy Games - Two forme CIA analysts on how the case for the Iraq war was built on a stack of lies (and other tales of intrigue from inside The Company). Also, The Food Project, and Witness for Peace.
  • George W. Bush's Theology of Empire; Also, Weapons of mass deception - truth, lies, and the Iraq war, What to do about Liberia, The 'revolutionary kindness' of Anita Roddick, and Pharoah's daughter - The women of Exodus
  • Apocalypse Soon?: Why Christian Zionism is blocking peace in the Middle East - and putting the world at risk; Also: Michelle Shocked on why her cup runneth over; Men with guns: vigilantes on border patrol; Bob Dylan's born-again music is born again
  • Drugs: The Other War; Also: Lessons of the Iraq War; The University of Social Justice: 5 schools that dig deeper; Dangerous Art; Christians in Colombia: Caught in the Middle
  • Saving the Corporate Soul: Making a buck without selling out; The Iraq War: A call for noncooperation; Phil Berrigan's journey toward freedom; Why radio stinks; Thomas Cahill on the call of the prophets; An evangelical discovers beauty
  • God, Country and the Duty of Dissent: Christian Conscience in Time of War; Plus: Jerry Falwell smears Islam; Lessons from a life well-lived; Bill Gates: Tax the rich!

Sojourners 2002

  • Got Nukes? What can be done about the rising nuclear threat; Plus: Jim Wallis on how to disarm Iraq… without war; Holiday book list; Nonviolent resistance in Columbia
  • How to topple Saddam Hussein—without war: Why 22 million Iraqis are better suited to bring democracy to their country than the U.S. military; Plus: '40 acres and a mortgage'—home ownership and economic freedom; Bill McKibben on Bush and the environment
  • A Few Bad Men? How to reform a medieval church, by Joan Chittister; and Is celibacy obsolete?, by Richard Rohr; Plus: The coming war in Iraq; Ashcroft watches what you read; Death rattle and roll: music to die for; and Walter Brueggemann on Enron.
  • From Conquistadors to Corporations: How the globalizers took over the world; Plus: Martha Stewartship; An interview with Ani DiFranco; Sex, Lies, and the Catholic Church; Crossing the Nuclear Threshhold; Preaching God's Green Gospel.
  • Fundamentalism and the modern world, with Karen Armstrong, Susannah Heschel, Feisal Abdul Rauf, and Jim Wallis; Plus: 18 young Christians who are changing the world; Jesus visits the Hamptons; Studs Terkel on how to live forever; the sin of Enron.
  • Soul Searching: How Sept. 11 blew away our certainties and opened the door to transformation, with Richard Rohr, Kathleen Norris, and Jim Wallis; Plus: Growing up with activist parents; And Joan Chittister on the dangers of Christian discipleship.

Sojourners 2001

  • A Light Shines in the Darkness: Reflections on Sept. 11 and beyond. Plus: SojoFest 2001; Meeting Jesus on the street; Britain's empty pews, but full agendas; And an interview with singer-songwriter David Wilcox.
  • Against Impossible Odds: The struggle for peace in Israel-Palestine. Plus: Celebrating 30 years of Sojourners; A study on Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well; The legacy of Sojourner Truth; and Who's behind the <I>Left Behind</I> books?
  • God is My Palm Pilot: Is technology the tool of the devil? The primrose path to a better life? Or something in between? Plus: Black and Jewish teens take the bus from 'them' to 'us'; I'm O.K., You're Temporary; and On the Ground in Colombia
  • FBO Land: How will faith-based organizations navigate the chutes and ladders of the church-state game? Also: On the Colombian front of the drug war, it's hard to tell who or what is the real enemy; David Cortright on missle defense; women and Islam.
  • Faith and the Arts: An American painter uses her eyes, hands, and heart to portray the grief and hope she sees in Eritrea. Plus: living our lives without being "branded"; the potential of the hip-hop nation; recalling Middle East history.
  • Does God care about sports? Why the sports stadium has replaced the church sancturary as the dominant arena of piety for many American men. Also: the media get religion, a profile of the Responsible Wealth Campaign, and an interview with Karl Gaspar

Sojourners 2000

  • Should Joe Lieberman (and the rest) keep his religion to himself? The real question is not whether religious values should help shape politics, but how.
  • The Internet has made hate groups highly visible, completely anonymous, and available to a potentially limitless audience. Who are these groups, what are their strategies, and what can we do to fight back?
  • The Fight for the Living: AIDS in Africa
  • What do the Pope, Bono, and Arianna Huffington have in common?