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Rediscovering Values and Lenten Study Guide

Rediscovering Values and Lenten Study Guide

For Groups: In this combo offer, buy the new paperback version of Jim Wallis' response to the economic crisis, Rediscovering Values, AND get the seven-session Lenten study guide. (For bulk rates on books for your class or small group, click on the blue "view quantity discounts" button above.)

About Rediscovering Values:
In this new paperback edition of Rediscovering Values, Jim Wallis uses the opportunity of the nation's current economic insecurity to find moral clarity. This new edition includes an updated introduction and a "moral exercises" section with 16 questions and activities for individual or group study.

Plus, get the accompanying Lenten study guide:
This download-able, seven-week study guide is designed to spark lively discussion for small groups. Using Rediscovering Values as the primary text, this study guide works with the Lenten themes of fasting, Christian growth, penitence, conversion, and simplicity to find moral clarity in the nation's current economic insecurity. Each session includes a bible verse and quote that illustrates the weekly topic, a relevant excerpt from Rediscovering Values, and follow up questions for discussion.

Study themes: Week 1: Fasting & Idolatry; Week 2: Transformation & Conversion; Week 3: Faith & Contentment; Week 4: Work & Vocation; Week 5: Lament & Compassion; Week 6: Humility & Authority; Week 7: Hope & Courage

You'll be able to download the PDF study guide (approx. 5.2MB) immediately after placing your order.