The Common Good
March 2011 Sojourners Magazine

March 2011 Sojourners Magazine



Finding the Way Out
Why it's time to end the war in Afghanistan
By David Cortright

The Human Toll
Counting the costs of Obama's "good war."
By Eric Stoner

Plus: Securing women's rights, By Farah Mokhtareizaden


The Jonah Effect
An American soldier ran from God to Iraq... but it wasn't far enough
By Evan Kappenberger

Prescription: Reform
How the affordable health-care act is already saving lives.
By Celeste Kennel-Shank

A Woman's Worth
Addressing the wealth gap for African-American women. An interview with Maya Rockeymoore
By Jeannie Choi


Mavis Stapeles Sings Without Ceasing

Reviews: Why Love Will Always Be A Poor Investment;
All the Way to Heaven
Interview: Writer Enuma Okoro

Eyes & Ears - In the Line of Fire
By Danny Duncan Collum

On Film - From Escape to Reality
By Gareth Higgens


Beyond Tuscon - There Are No Lone Gunmen
by Elizabeth Palmberg

Dangerous Drilling - Meet the Frackers
by Tyler Edgar

Farmer Reparations - A Step Towards Justice
by David M. Whettstone


Hearts & Minds - The Cost of War
By Jim Wallis

Deep Economy - The Planet Cries Out
By Bill McKibben

Godstuff - Scoccer Moms Changing the World
By Cathleen Falsani

Earth & Heaven - Civility is Only a Beginning
By Joel Hunter

H'rumphs - Grandfathers Are Our Future
By Ed Spivey Jr.


| The Inclusion Solution | Beyond Understanding | A More Excellent Way | One Step Forward |

Poetry - Luke 5:1 Disciples
By Joseph Ross

Living the Word - Trusting God's Inexplicable Goodness
By Walter Bruggemann

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