The Common Good
March 2012 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)

March 2012 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)



'Do Not Grow Weary or Lose Heart'
What does it take to sustain the struggle for justice over the long haul?
By Vincent Harding


Land of Milk and Immigrants
A new wave of arrivals makes its mark in dairy country.
By Shaun Duvall

Jubilee and Beyond
How a Bible-inspired movement set the standard for future campaigns for change.
By Elaine Storkey

Heavenly Energy
Churches are at the forefront of Germany's new solar revolution.
By Sven Eberlein

Faith at the Tipping Point
An interview with theologian Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz on solidarity, public life, and the blessings that come when you really listen.


Down and Outraged
Reviews: The Cross and the Lynching Tree
Excerpt: Accidents of Providence
By Shefa Siegel

Eyes & Ears: Sharia Hysteria
By Danny Duncan Collum

On Film: 10 for Home Viewing
By Gareth Higgins


When the Spirit Says Go
The fight against mass incarceration is joined by an emerging faith-based movement.
By Michelle Alexander

Responsible Adults
Clergy to Village Voice: It's not okay to help the sex traffickers.
By Elizabeth Palmberg

Too Little, Too Late?
The U.N. climate change talks in South Africa were a major disappointment--but the struggle continues.
By Francesca de Gasparis


Grain of Salt: Occupy the Future
By Jim Rice

Bridges: A Different Kind of Atheism
By Eboo Patel

Global Engagement: The Common Bond of Blood
By Lynne Hybels

The Hungry Spirit: Why I (heart) Credit Unions
By Rose Marie Berger

H'rumphs: There's Something in the Water...
By Ed Spivey Jr.


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Poetry: Against the Night
By Belle Fox-Martin

Short Takes: Four questions for... Chris Hoke
Interview by Elizabeth Palmberg

Living the Word: The Foolishness and Weakness of God
By Martin Smith