The Common Good
Who Jesus is and Why it Matters

Who Jesus Is and Why It Matters (eBook Shorts)


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Who was Jesus? Why did he come? Some people think it was to save them only from their sins, so their spiritual focus is only personal salvation. Others appreciate Jesus' teachings but see little connection between the wise teacher of old and how they live life here and now.

Both groups have lost the true vision of who Jesus is—a vision that changes everything about us and our world. What we believe about Jesus has the power to transform how we treat our neighbors—including the poor, the marginalized, and our enemies—and promote the common good.

Jim Wallis steps into our current context with this timely invitation for fellow sojourners on the road of faith to change the world in sustainable, life-giving ways. He explores what Jesus himself said about why he came and why it matters today, showing that our faith impacts our household values, our community values, and our institutional behaviors for the sake of the world. He suggests "Ten Personal Decisions for the Common Good" which will inspire you on your journey.