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'The Earth is the Lord's and all that is in it'
Originally Posted: 08/31/2011 - 4:40pm | Type: Blog

<p>Today is Earth Day, an occasion for marking our responsibility to care for our world and the environment. It seems trite to have just one day to remind ourselves of the importance of this -- though th ...

Jail Journal: The Boomerangs of Biblical Wrath
Originally Posted: 07/14/2011 - 8:19am | Type: Blog

<em>The following is part of the author&acute;s "jail journal," written in early 2004 while he was serving a 90-day sentence in Georgia for having "crossed the line" at Ft. ...

As the Climate Change Clock Ticks Toward Copenhagen, Global Activists Take to the Streets
Originally Posted: 07/14/2011 - 8:18am | Type: Blog

Climate change has become a major worldwide grassroots movement -- one that doesn't acknowledge geographic or sociological borders. Climate change has become a major worldwid ...