The Common Good

Danny Mortensen

Resources Assistant

Danny Mortensen is the resources and circulation assistant at Sojourners. He spent the majority of his pre-college years in Latin America, where his parents worked as members of Wycliffe Bible Translators. After living in Colombia as a child and finishing high school in Panama, he moved to Beaumont, Texas, and studied sociology at Lamar University. While at Lamar, Danny worked closely with Release, a local small group-based college ministry and, after graduating, he continued his involvement with them for another year before moving to Washington, D.C., to work with Sojourners.

Danny has had profound and life-giving experiences in ministry to middle and high schoolers, college students, and the homeless people of his community in Texas. He has felt drawn to issues involving the human sex trade, the conflict in Palestine, and the lack of access to food that exists around the world and in the United States. He spent a month in Rwanda learning from two men who run a Christian reconciliation ministry in the wake of the 1994 genocide. While he has always felt most effective with personal hands-on ministry, he welcomes the opportunity to work with Sojourners and learn about the systemic-level, Christian social justice advocacy that is also essential. He looks forward to finding out how those two aspects work together.

Danny greatly enjoys hiking and camping, traveling (or, for the time being, making lists of countries where he wants to go), cooking/eating, reading, and different kinds of theology, and he notes that all of these activities are best engaged in with a group of friends.

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