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Posted by Kevin Lum 1 year 27 weeks ago
New York Times op-ed columnist, David Brooks, responded, this week, to an intriguing article in the Washington Post about Jason Trigg, a recent MIT graduate, who chose a...
Posted by Kevin Lum 5 years 32 weeks ago
Posted by Kevin Lum 6 years 27 weeks ago
Sometimes I think I have become immune to Washington, D.C., feeling as though nothing can shock or surprise me, and then I hear a story that brings my expectations to an all-time low. Seven senators...
Posted by Kevin Lum 7 years 11 weeks ago
To everyone who took action and emailed the Bureau of Prisons, thank you! On Sept. 14, Sojourners helped break the story that the federal government had created a list of acceptable religious books...

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Why David Sometimes Wins, by Marshall Ganz. Oxford University Press.